What a jackass: Man shoots sister’s pet donkey dead


A man who ‘lost the plot’ after a row with his sister armed himself with an air rifle and shot dead her pet DONKEY.

What a jackass: Man shoots sister's pet donkey dead

Raging Darrell Duffill, 54, blasted 10-year-old Claude in the temple before firing two more shots as it lay twitching on the ground.

Duffill, who lives in a cabin on land owned by his sister Carolyn Jones, had been arguing with her shortly before the attack at their home near Looe in Cornwall.

He admitted one charge of criminal damage at Bodmin Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday and was remanded in custody until 23 March while probation reports are prepared.

Image courtesy of Joe Connelly


  1. Why is this a probationary offence rather than a prison one? Here in Texas we have “border justice” for criminals like Mr. Duffil.


  2. What a psycho. “I can’t get away with hurting you, a human, so I’m going to destroy something you love in a fit of unmanly pique.” Worthless bully.

  3. Cant beleive the law hasnt got harder on these pathetic people who think it’s okay to harm and kill animals. If they can hurt a defenseless animal that hasn’t done anything wrong; whats to stop them hurting a human being who they dislike?


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