Wave rage! Surfer filmed threatening another man for stealing his position in the sea


This is moment a furious surfer rams a rival’s board and threatens to put him in hospital – in the first case of WAVE RAGE filmed in British waters.

Stunned Phil Brown, 29, was catching his breath in the swell when the furious stranger started swearing at him for supposedly “stealing his wave”.

Phil asked him not to swear and tries to explain that he didn’t see the fellow wave rider, but is told to “fuck off back to England” – despite being born and bred in Cornwall.

A GoPro camera mounted to the front of Phil’s longboard shows the moment the stranger clatters into him then launches into a four letter road wave rant

The mystery man points angrily at the water and tells shocked Phil: “You cut in on me again and you won’t f*cking surf here again.

“It didn’t drop in on you, It was my wave – keep your f*cking eyes open.”

The one-minute clip, filmed 100 yards from the beach at Bude, North Cornwall, shows the pair continuing their argument as they bob up and down.

The mystery man accuses Phil of “cutting in on his wave” and tells him to “keep his fucking eyes open” to avoid hitting his paddle board.

The mystery man, who is clutching an oar and speaking with a Scouse accent, growls: “Don’t tell me not to fucking swear. You nearly caused me to have an accident then.

“I was on the wave, now don’t do it again. Do that again and I’ll put you in fucking hospital – that’s a promise.

“You don’t act like a twat in the water. Fuck off back to England you cunt.”

Phil, who started learning to surf last summer, concedes he could have been been in wrong but says the other boarder’s reaction was way over the top.

“Dropping in” is a term that refers to stealing a surfers’ wave while they are riding it.

According to traditional etiquette, the person closest to the peeling wave has “right of wave”.

Brewery manager Phil, from Bude, was in the water with friends from Surf Action – a local charity which supports military veterans – when the confrontation happened last Saturday.

Phil said: “I was only on the second wave of the day when he came up to me.

“I was really shocked as he was getting very angry, it was totally unexpected and ruined the surf and the day.

“Normally people are quite happy to share waves. It was a really crowded day so lots of people were going on the same waves.

“I’m from Cornwall – I couldn’t believe it. Apparently he was born here but moved away for 15 years then came back.

“Everyone I was with was really shocked, it’s not what you want when you go out for a surf.”

Phil had only recently purchased a GoPro camera which he attached to the end of his surfboard to film himself catching waves.

The posted the clip online to warn other surfers about the perils of “wave rage.”

He said: “I had only had my GoPro for about a week. I’ve not got the point where I can turn it on or off between waves so I only caught it by chance.”

Phil’s footage sparked hundred of comments on the Facebook page of surfing website Magicseaweed, mostly supporting Phil.

Martin Dorey wrote: “Violence, threats of violence, dropping in, localism, aggression, stupidity. It sickens me seeing this. This is not my beloved sport of surfing.”

Shaun Hutchings added: “I’m quite a passive guy but I’m pretty sure if that guy banged into my board and started hurling that kind of abuse at me, I’m 100% sure I would of shoved his paddle up where sun doesn’t shine.”


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