WaterBean to simultaneously launch in 500 stores


waterbeanWaterBean  have announced a breakthrough business venture where 500 stores will simultaneously launch WaterBean. What is unique about this event is that the actual launch moment will be timed down to the nanosecond with the help of new technology, with each of the 500 stores simultaneously unveiling WaterBean at precisely the same time.

WaterBean is a portable water filter that transforms ordinary city tap water into crisp, clean delicious drinking water. By shaking and swirling the water bottle, users can activate the WaterBean’s coconut carbon filter, which removes the chemicals and impurities often found in city tap water responsible for the slightly funky chemical taste, or ‘tappiness’ and the result is a smooth, soft and delicious water reminiscent of alpine spring water.

“We’ve been selling WaterBean very successfully in overseas markets, and we now feel WaterBean is ready for the demanding North American market,” said Graeme Glen, inventor and CEO of WaterBean. “This unique water treatment stick was developed to eliminate the need to purchase endless and expensive bottled water by turning free city tap water into smooth, soft and delicious drink reminiscent of fresh, cold alpine spring water.

“As a Father, I also needed a way to keep my two young boys from falling into the trap of habit forming sugary drinks. I’ve found WaterBean has made my children start to prefer water over soda. It makes me so happy when I see my boys, and other kids, reach for a simple recycled water bottle full of tap water.” Said Glen.

The U.S., as a whole, consumes more than 8.6 billion gallons of bottled water annually, with bottled water priced up to 10,000 times the cost of tap water. In addition, countless seabirds and marine mammals die everyday when they entangle themselves or ingest plastic pollution. WaterBean’s unique and portable design makes it easy to have clean water anywhere you go and helps protect the environment.

Features of the WaterBean include:

  • Clean Delicious Water – WaterBean’s compostable coconut carbon filter cleans tap water by removing impurities and, as a bonus, adding magnesium, an essential mineral that 70% of the population has a deficiency in.
  • New Varieties: WaterBean replacement filters will soon come in SPORT with extra minerals in addition to Alkaline and standard Coconut Carbon.
  • Portable – Whether you are traveling, hiking, playing sports or just on the go, the WaterBean’s portability makes it easy to take anywhere, providing you with access to clean drinking water.
  • Reusable – WaterBean’s filters are easily replaceable after two to three months of use by simply opening the WaterBean’s cover plates, replacing the filter bags and snapping the cover plates back on.
  • Fits in any size bottle – From plastic bottles to sports bottles to tumblers, WaterBean fits in any bottle 12 oz or bigger and pops open once inside to prevent it from sliding out.
  • Keeps Water Fresh: Did you know that carbon has been keeping water fresh for millennia? Earliest evidence was of the Ancient Egyptians using burned wooden (a form of carbon) kegs to keep water fresh. Ships were using ‘charred oaken caskes’ till the 1960’s to keep water fresh.

A single WaterBean with the coconut carbon already included starts at $9.95 which includes free international shipping ANYWHERE on the planet, with the coconut carbon refills starting at $4.95. WaterBean is currently working towards donating $1 for each unit sold to a charity that helps bring clean water to people in developing nations.


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