WATCH : Size Ten Competitive Eater Demolishes Burger And Chips – Weighing FOUR-AND-A-HALF POUNDS

Kate Ovens tackles a 4 1/2 lb spicy burger - and fries.
Kate Ovens tackles a 4 1/2 lb spicy burger - and fries.
Kate Ovens tackles a 4 1/2 lb spicy burger – and fries.

A stunning food blogger has taken on the biggest task of her career a week after failing to finish a 70oz cheeseburger – by demolishing a spicy burger and fries weighing four-and-a-half POUNDS.

Presenter Kate Ovens polished off the biggest plate of food she ever faced just a week after being conquered by a 11-patty cheeseburger.

The 23-year-old gannet managed to eat a giant spicy burger and a huge plate of fries at Belushi’s in Shepherds Bush, London, after being disappointed to not finish her previous food challenge.

Aspiring TV presenter Kate, from Fleet, Hamps., has attracted almost 90,000 fans on her ‘Kate Ovens’ Facebook page with her unbelievable eating feats.

Despite being a slim size ten, the 5′ 5″ pretty blonde can put away in one sitting enough food to feed a family of four.

Kate said: “I was disappointed that I didn’t manage to finish the Beefy Boys, 11-cheeseburger challenge.

“The milkshake really helped, but I think there was just too much meat.

“I decided to give another burger challenge a go and I was delighted to finish it.

“It was the biggest challenge I’ve ever done, but I think the mixture of meat and chips really helped me not get too full.

“The burger at Belushi’s was absolutely delicious – there was chorizo on each one of the seven layers and that really helped me through.”

Svelte Kate ate the 4,500-calorie burger, consisting of 42oz of prime beef, 20 slices of chorizo and 250g of cheese – as well as a bumper 500g portion of cajun fries and lashings of super-spicy sriracha sauce.

Despite the dish weighing in at 72oz, Kate polished off the entire dish in just 12 minutes and 12 seconds.

Kate, whose favourite food is margarita pizza, says she stays trim in between challenges by walking everywhere and going to the gym.

She also eats lots of vegetables in the run up to an event, as well as drinking loads of water.

Marketing graduate Kate, who now lives in London, said: “I’ve always been a good eater, and I really love food.

“I keep myself in shape so I can enjoy challenges like this.

“All the food challenges I do are in really nice restaurants where the food is actually amazing.

“I wouldn’t want to eat something massive just for the sake of it – I actually really enjoy what I do, and I want to carry on enjoying it for as long as possible.”


Belushi’s have opened up the £30 challenge to all customers at their restaurants across London.

A spokesperson said: “Kate was a great sport with it all.

“She ended up covered in cheese and sauce but she kept smiling throughout.

“We were surprised she managed to finish it all, considering it weighs about 72oz, but then again she is one of Britain’s best eating talents.”

Presenter Kate has been dubbed ‘Woman Vs Food’ after the smash hit US show presented by Adam Richman.

She added: “I would love to go to America and do some challenges over there, but food in Britain is so great right now I’m sure I won’t get full up any time soon.”


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