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Detail of clock parts for restoration
Detail of clock parts for restoration
Detail of clock parts for restoration

Mechanical wrist watches, meaning watches that rely on the balance and design accuracy of the parts that make up their movement to tell time, have been in mass use for more than decade and require a Watchmaker’s watch service, periodically, to retain their accuracy and power capacity.
Similar to the up-keep of a motor engine, the mechanical watch movement contains between 80 – 200 moving parts In watches such as the Rolex Datejust, Omega Seamaster and Cartier Tank, and up to 350 parts with chronograph and complication models such as the Omega Speedmaster Automatic, Rolex Daytona and IWC Rattrapante.
Mechanical watch service is needed once in 2-7 years, depending on the model and usage, in order to keep working effectively and reliably. When being used daily, particles of dust permeate the movement and bind with the lubrication which makes the friction between the moving parts greater thereby restricting the normal operation of the movement. In turn, if left un-attended for some time, this can erode the parts or even cause breakage.
Our Watch repair shop, based in Hatton Garden London, offers a full watch service to all mechanical watches to include automatic, manual wind, chronograph and pocket watches. Our full service includes:
1. Taking the watch apart and disassembling the movement
2. Cleaning and re-lubricating each and every one of the parts
3. Putting the movement together, regulation and electronic accuracy testing
4. Regulation adjustments and a 24 hour time accuracy test
5. Resealing (Including new gaskets) and pressure testing
When servicing a vintage or a pocket watch requiring a replacement part we stock a large inventory of replacement parts. In case of a rare watch needing a replacement part we are able to manufacture parts in the workshop in order to restore a rare watch.
Additionally, we carry stock of springs, rotor posts, balance staff, balance complete and other parts for brands such as Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Breitling and Cartier.
Our workshops is open to the public during weekdays and accepts watches for service in person or by postal delivery. Our service comes with a 12 months guarantee.
You can contact Watch repair shop with any issue related to your watch. Horologists professionally trained with many years of experience can repair any model from any brand. Watch-repair-shop is located at 3rd Floor 34-35 Hatton Garden London, EC1N 8DX

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