WATCH : Hilarious video shows dad being towed home by young son – driving a mini car

The moment a dad was towed home by his son - driving a mini car (SWNS)

THIS is the hilarious moment a young lad is spotted behind the wheel of a mini-car – as he tows his dad home on a trailer.

The mini-motorist was spotted in the centre of Bognor Regis, West Sussex, last Sunday by bemused passers-by.

A short video of the comical scene shows a blonde-haired boy sitting in a little red electric car and towing his dad behind him.

The moment a dad was towed home by his son - driving a mini car (SWNS)
The moment a dad was towed home by his son – driving a mini car (SWNS)

The dad is sitting on a chair on top of the trailer and can be see pushing the button on a pedestrian crossing before the pair cross a busy road.

The pair then wait on at the opposite pelican crossing, before driving onto a pavement to continue their comical journey home.

Witness Wayne Nuttall, 47, said: “I was having a pint in my social club and popped out to have a cigarette.

“I looked across the road and saw this little chap driving his dad home.

“The dad was on a trailer at the the back of the car and was being towed by his son.

“I thought it was a really comical moment.

“It was like something out of South Park.”


Wayne, a train ticket inspector, added: “I put the video on a local Facebook group and joked that the lad was probably taking his dad home from the pub.

“But I have since been told that the dad and son had been in the local carnival procession the previous day.

“It seems the car was based on a mobility scooter which he had converted for £250.

“In the video you can see that the dad has a remote control in his hand and his controlling it.”

The video was first posted on the Bognor Regis Forum page on Facebook.

Nikki Hall commented: ” The dads actually in Control of the cart and car saw him on way to carnival I think it’s a fab idea.”


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