WATCH – Chilling Video Shows Tombstoning Stunt Go Horribly Wrong



This terrifying video shows a tombstoning stunt go horribly wrong when a fully-clothed man leaps 65ft from a spot known as Dead Man’s Cove and lands on his back.

The footage shows daredevils risking their lives to cool off during the recent spell of warm weather by leaping from the notorious site in Plymouth, Devon.

In one terrifying clip, a middle-aged man, who has not been named, is seen risking his life with a clumsy leap which finishes with him hitting the water inches from rocks.

Wearing t-shirt, shorts and sandals, he is shown perching on the edge of the sea wall, steeling himself for the descent, while being given a countdown.

His jump quickly appears to go wrong and he begins to fall backwards, hitting the water horizontally and disappearing under the surface.

It is not believed he suffered any serious injuries but witnesses said he had a very lucky escape.

The video has been posted on social media and viewed thousands of times.


One tourist, who witnessed the jumpers, said she was shocked to see them ‘gambling with their lives.’

She said “To successfully complete the jump, they had to jump out several metres, and then make sure they had judged it just right to miss several rock formations jutting out at the bottom. Unbelievable.

“I was absolutely horrified along with everyone else who witnessed this. They are gambling with their lives, literally.”

The location where the video was filmed is the same spot where dad-of-three Vincent Wagstaff, 39, died from multiple injuries in October last year.

The area surrounding the sea wall is known by locals as Dead Man’s Cove and thrill-seekers from across the country flock to thrown themselves into the waters below.

The deadly craze returns every year with the warm weather and coastguards have repeatedly warned against the activity.

In July 2010, teenager Ben Thompson was also left paralysed when he broke his neck in three places jumping from an eight-foot wall at the same cove.


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