Vuvuzela ‘buzz’ is a World Cup turn off as viewers demand ban


England fans are being turned off the World Cup – by the annoying buzz of Vuvuzelas.

Research revealed six out of ten fans who watch games at home are now doing so with the volume turned down to cut out the incessant horn-blowing.

One in four said the noise was ruining their enjoyment of the tournament and seven out of ten want the Vuvuzelas banned completely from stadiums.

A string of Vuvuzela tales also emerged from the study, including one old lady who rang her cable provider to complain about the ‘loud buzzing’ coming from her television.

Another pensioner called pest control in over the weekend amid fears her house was being attacked by a swarm of bees as she watched England draw with the USA.

It also emerged thousands of husbands have been asked to turn the volume down by long-suffering wives due to the infuriating hum which accompanies every game.

In the run-up to the World Cup experts revealed the noise from the Vuvuzelas is similar to that generated by a chainsaw.

Yesterday a spokesman for, which carried out the research said: ”The Vuvuzelas are even more unpopular than Robert Green at the moment.

”They are incredibly annoying. Walking around the strees you can hear the buzz coming from people’s houses.

”They really are spoiling the enjoyment of the competition for millions of viewers.

”Women are finding them particularly annoying and they are causing people who would have liked to watch games to avoid them because of the noise.

”One respondent said he had watched every game so far with the sound turned down.”

OnePoll carried out the study among 3,000 fans via their iPhones.


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