Violent criminal freed on licence stabbed mother’s neighbour to death with SCISSORS

Shaun Lacey
Killer: Shaun Lacey

A violent criminal was freed on license only to stab his mother’s neighbour to death with a pair of SCISSORS – just 21 days after being released from prison.

Shaun Lacey, 40, plunged the blades into the chest of Damien Fyson, 37, while he was asleep with his girlfriend in his flat on January 8.

He then turned to Mr Fyson’s partner and chillingly told her: “I’ve stabbed him in the heart, you better get an ambulance” while he bled to death.

Just three weeks earlier the thug – who has a string of convictions for violent crimes – had walked free having served half his sentence for an unprovoked assault.

Lacey was jailed for three years in July 2012 after attacking neighbour Gavin Ball by battering him over the head with a baseball bat.

In court it emerged he also had a shocking string of 34 previous convictions including 16 offences of violent assaults.

Shockingly, Lacey had already served two prison sentences in 12 months for attacking victims such as young people and women using both his “fists and teeth.”

On Tuesday he was back behind bars after pleading guilty to killing Mr Fyson at Birmingham Crown Court.

The court heard after being released on prison licence on December 18 Lacey was out killing someone “within a matter of days.”

The “cruel and heartless” killer was ordered to serve 17-and-a-half years in prison after admitted one count of manslaughter.

Sentencing Mr Justice Stephen Phillips said: “This was an appalling act of mindless violence fuelled by incessant drinking.

“There’s no doubt you knew what you had done because you told someone to call an ambulance and left the flat.

“The tragic result of your actions was the loss of Damien’s life. Mr Fyson’s mum and sister have been left devastated by their loss.”

Officers at the scene of the murder of Damien Fyson at flats in Wainwright Walk in Hanley, Stoke
Officers at the scene of the murder of Damien Fyson at flats in Wainwright Walk in Hanley, Stoke
Lacey killed Damien just 21 days after being freed from prison
Lacey killed Damien just 21 days after being freed from prison

The court heard Lacey, of no fixed address, had been drinking with friends through the day before going to help his mother who had been locked out of her flat.

There he met his victim, and continued to drink with Mr Fyson and his girlfriend Tina Brown in their flat, before launching the brutal attack while they were in bed.

After stabbing Mr Fyson with the scissors he ordered terrified Miss Brown to “call an ambulance” while holding the weapon before calmly walking away.

Emergency services were called to the flat in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs., at 5.30am where Mr Fyson was found seriously injured.

Despite the efforts of medics he was pronounced dead at the scene with a post mortem revealing he was killed by a single stab wound.

Gareth Evans QC, prosecuting, told the court: “He had been at liberty a matter of weeks when this incident occurred.

“He had been drinking in Hanley when his son made attempts to get him to go to the flat and help his mother.

“The defendant continued drinking well after midnight and then left to go to the flat.

“He arrived with a friend and they tried to gain entry into the flat.

“Eventually, the door was opened and the pair went next door and began drinking again with the occupants, Damien Fyson and Tina Brown.

“Mr Fyson was lying on the bed with Tina Brown. She said she woke up and there was someone shouting.

“Standing in front of the bed was the defendant who was holding a pair of scissors.

“He said ‘I’ve stabbed him in the heart, you better get an ambulance’, then he left.

“The paramedics arrived and did everything to keep him alive, but sadly he died in the flat.

“The stabbing wasn’t a full plunge into the chest, the degree of penetration wasn’t great, but it was enough to kill Damien Fyson.

“The defendant has a lengthy record for unprovoked violence.

“His convictions can range from young people, women, old friends, he doesn’t discriminate over who his victims are.

“He was on prison licence and within a matter of days he was killing someone.

“His violence is escalating.

“He uses his fists and his teeth to harm people.

“He has used a baseball bat to hit someone over the head and now he has used a pair of scissors.”

Defending Andrew Fisher QC said: “This offence was committed in private. It was a private situation involving friends and people he knew.

“He was in the flat completely by chance, he wasn’t looking for trouble or problems, he wasn’t intending to go there at all.

“What actually happened to Damien Fyson still remains not properly explained. It wasn’t planned or pre-meditated in any way.

“The simple, tragic and unpleasant facts of the case are that we had an alcohol den where all of them were very heavily drunk, all severely intoxicated, all arguing and aggressive to one another. It doesn’t excuse it, but it’s just what happened.

“Although Shaun Lacey has got a long history of violence, none of them were committed with the intent to cause injuries.”

After the case Mr Fyson’s grieving relatives slammed the sentence handed down to Lacey.

Mum Cherie Jackson, of Suffolk, said: “No sentence can bring Damien back, but we would like to thank the judge and the prosecution for seeing Lacey for what he is, a cruel and heartless killer.”

Detective Inspector Dave Johnston, from Staffordshire Police, who led the inquiry, added: “Our investigation to establish the facts of this tragic incident was difficult due to the fact those involved had been drinking heavily.

“However, by piecing together the detailed forensic evidence from the scene and the evidence given by witnesses, we were able to confirm that Lacey had been responsible for Damien’s death.

“It was noted by the judge that his actions had no apparent motive and were simply fuelled by excessive alcohol.

“We welcome today’s guilty plea and I hope that this conclusion brings some form of comfort to Damien’s family.

“Although Lacey’s admission to manslaughter will not bring Damien back, his family will at least have the knowledge that his killer is facing justice and will be spending considerable time behind bars.”


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