Vincent Tabak: murderer used US hookers weeks before killing Jo Yeates


Vincent Tabak used HOOKERS when he went to America on a business trip – just weeks before he killed Jo Yeates, a court was told.

The Dutchman, 33, who lived with long term girlfriend Tanja Morson, 35 – next door to his pretty victim – met at least two escorts during a six-week business trip to Los Angeles.

He even booked into a hotel under a false name while in America to carry out the seedy activity.

Six foot four inch Tabak also perused websites offering sex and made phone calls to escort agencies while on a work trip to Newcastle six months before he killed Jo.

The shock evidence was kept from the jury, but Judge His Honour Mr Justice Richard Field allowed it to be released for background purposes.

Nigel Lickley QC, prosecuting, made a failed attempt to bring the evidence before the court during the trial and cross-examine Tabak over it.

He said ”We seek leave to cross-examine the defendant concerning his use of websites where he would make contact with women and indeed pay for sexual experiences.

”The prosecution’s case has always been that the offence in this case was sexually motivated.

”In our submission the defendant has created a false impression of what has been said in a number of key factors:

”Sexual inexperience – that he was in a monogamous, loving, caring relationship with her (Tanja Morson), characterised by material dependency.

”As sexually inexperienced – accessing websites allowing him to seek out, he could pay and did pay for sex.”

Tabak had surfed the internet for sexual encounters while away from Tanja on a business trip to Newcastle in May last year.

He ended up booking an extra day at his hotel and carrying on his illicit internet searches.

Mr Lickley said: ”He was away from his girlfriend in May in Newcastle on business.

”He made numerous internet – browsing via

”There were telephone calls on May 11 to numbers linked with escort agencies in the north-east.”

”At about 11.15pm the internet browsing led up to a telephone call to another via Google.

”The defendant had booked another day to stay in Newcastle.

”And evidence shows that activity continued into the early hours of the morning.

”This determined activity leads to the clear picture that the defendant was interested in escort services.

”Payments were being made to an account to view this sort of material.”

Telephone calls to escort agencies then continued through May 11.

He said: ”Then a return phone call from one of these numbers linked with escort agencies.

”Just before 6pm in the evening on the 12th. That is his activity in Newcastle.”

Tabak made repeated payments of #10 to top up his AdultWork account before heading out to Los Angeles on November 6 last year.

The killer again then began cruising the internet looking for sex – just weeks before he killed Jo.

He said: ”From November 15 again there is further internet browsing and we have images from this material.

”There is internet browsing via escorts in San Francisco and escorts in LA.

”There is a further payment to his AdultWork account and various calls from a mobile telephone to – to a Michelle.

”He made a payment via Seg Pay to

”As we move into December the internet browsing continues and we reach two significant events – when on December 2 he does make contact and withdrawals of money at about 11pm at night.”

Tabak made calls to two girls – a Rebecca Devine and a Princess Butter – who advertise their adult escort services online.

He then made contact with a third, on December 3, called ‘Asian hot sexy girl’ Mimi after accessing her via

Mr Lickley told the court: ”She returns the call and speaks to Vincent Tabak at 12.25am.

”Almost immediately after that the defendant made two cash withdrawals of #100 dollars and #100 dollars from an ATM at 12.31am.

”He then gets a call from Mimi at 1.03am.

”In that instance there is direct contact, money withdrawal, then another meeting.

”The overwhelming influence is that they contacted, withdrew money, then escort services were provided.”

On December 4 Tabak moved out of his hotel paid by work and checked into another under false name Frances or Francis Tabak, at The Peach Tree in St Louis.

There he paid #43.81 dollars for a room. Mr Lickley again indicted that this could mean Tabak paid for escort services.

On December 9 details taken from Tabak’s laptop also showed he had accessed information concerning ‘live chat’, ‘strippers’ and ‘escorts’.

He also accessed porn website


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  2. Boyish British actor and Leveson-witness Hugh Grant was convicted in 1995 for having sex illegally with a hooker in a car parked on Sunset Boulevard. He was in a stable loving relationship with glamorous Liz Hurley and she foregave him. Filmgoers flocked to the cinema to watch him drop his trousers for one Hollywood star after another without condemning him as a depraved pervert nor suspecting him of strangling anyone, as they did Vincent Tabak. Dr. Tabak did not even do anything illegal in Hollywood. He probably did not even have sex with any of the girls he telephoned, but only exchanged erotic chat.

    If the jury HAD been allowed to hear this so-called “evidence”, they would have seen through it as the nonsense that it is. Dr. Tabak’s actions were just the sort of thing that men do when they are away from their regular partners on business for 5 weeks at a stretch and feeling lonely. Somebody must be funding the multi-billion dollar sex industry – and it sure wasn’t Vincent Tabak with his harmless peccadillos.

    The grooming of the media by the judge and Mr. Nigel Lickley QC to publish this humiliating story reveals the emperor’s new clothes that the lawyers were wearing for this show trial – namely, the total absence of any logical motive why highly motivated, intelligent Vincent Tabak should have chosen to kill a girl he did not know. If he really did kill her, then he is the most sensational murderer in history, since there had never before been an instance of someone with a Ph.D murdering a complete stranger.


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