Vincent Tabak: detectives finish search of flat occupied by Jo Yeates murder suspect


Detectives are believed to have finished their finger-tip search of the flat occupied by Vincent Tabak – the Dutch national charged with the murder of Jo Yeates.

Vincent Tabak: detectives finish search of Jo Yeates murder suspect's house

Specially trained forensic officers from Avon and Somerset Police have left the flat, in Bristol’s Aberdeen Road, where the 32-year-old was arrested on Thursday.

The house stood desolate yesterday, after four days of rigourous searches at the scruffy Victorian townhouse.

Officers had previously been seen dragging long ladders and yards of black cable inside the flat, registered to Mr Tabak’s friend Emily Williams, in a desperate hunt for clues.

A police cordon remained in place at 44 Canynge Road, Clifton, yesterday where blonde Jo lived with boyfriend Greg Reardon, 27.

Forensic officers were still searching the upmarket garden flat belonging to Jo and flat 2 directly opposite – occupied by computer whizz Tabak.

The well-educated Dutch national, who came to Britain in 2007, was charged with the murder of the pretty 25-year-old late on Saturday evening.

A sombre atmosphere enveloped Canynge Road on Sunday, as news filtered through among locals.

The revelation also prompted a fresh outburst of grief in Bristol, with mourners coming to lay more flowers at Jo’s flat.

Dad Lee Wetten and his daughter Amy, aged seven, brought a bunch of yellow roses to Canynge Road.

Police prevented them from laying the bouquet at the scene, but an officer laid the flowers next to the existing shrine to tragic Jo – just outside the entrance to her block.

Mr Wetten said: “I came with my daughter to lay flowers and pay my respects. We had hoped to come before but Amy has been ill.

“We have been up to Clifton Christ Church to look at the book of condolence too.

“It is terrible what happened to Jo.”