Video Slots – A Normal Slot or More?


It is a fact; dropping by casino’s would mean encountering some fine slots. Previously, only the traditional fruit slots were recognised but today, there are numerous variations. This includes video slots!

Video slots machines are new and are indeed a great examples of games that use microchip technology. With advances in technology, video slots have developed many factors of animation, graphics and more moving imagery. Video Slots have no moving parts compared to the traditional slots that is played with buttons or levers. These ones are on a screen, completely digitalised and do not use mechanisms to function. Creative, innovative and highly entertaining, it didn’t take much time for video slots to become a vogue.

IGT has been one of the first developers for video slots. Offering the word with the Fortune Coin slot in 1976, it has made itself well-known for offering innovative features and slots each time. Using clever marketing, the slot was a mega hit is still enjoyed till date. This move would indeed inspire other software developers to bring new kinds of slot games and increase the popularity of video slot games.

Video slots can include a lot of ways to win and different number of reels. Unique variations of slot games have given birth to Cluster Pays slot games where there could be over 120 ways to win. Pay lines can be set within a few clicks and the amount of wagers to be set per line is quickly defined.

Another element that makes video slots so popular is the level of graphics they exhibit. Popular software providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Scientific Games and plenty more try to excel in terms of graphics since the slot games will be proposing a theme. Imagine playing on an Egyptian themed slot game and having the highest quality of visuals. The sounds emerging from the slot game is totally immersing you in the gameplay and you are totally in for the sensory details. How does that sound? Well, that is actually the goal of many software developer that aim at producing the best video slots.

Likewise, video slots designers do not have to limit themselves when it comes to features. They can set up to the number of features they wish to. Freshly released slot games are reaching to an astounding amount of 20 features on the slots. Of course, to be able to benefit from those features, you might need to get some required symbols. With time, video slots would feature Progressive Jackpots as well. These jackpots keep on increasing as the wagers are placed, making the thrill touch a new height each time someone plays a bet.

Countless online casino sites would be brought to the limelight since they feature some of the finest video slot games of the market. The number of online casino sites would know an increase in the recent years. Each would try to propose an unmatchable slot collection for fellow players. However, little has been able to reach the standards of Moon Bingo. Despite offering top bingo games, this one has kept a reputation of offering top-notch slots. Newer and more innovative slot games are added on the site regularly, making the players’ experiences better ones.

Truly, video slots can push the boundaries of what players expect on normal slot machines. With somany advancements in cutting-edge technology, much more opportunities and elements are being implemented in slot games. These elements are surely exposing players to a one of a kind casino entertainment. Now, it would be quite interesting to see what genre of video slot games would be released in the near future.


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