Video shows thousands of jellyfish in British waters


This shocking video shows the moment a surfer filmed thousands of jellyfish lurking under the surface of British seas.

Dave West captured the footage when he was paddling out for a surf and felt something brush against his hand.

He couldn’t see anything but could feel things under the water, so he decided to pop his GoPro under the water to take a closer look.

This shocking video shows the moment a surfer realised just how many jellyfish are in British waters – with the creatures littering the ocean as far as the eye can sea.

When he got home and reviewed the footage he was shocked to discover there were THOUSANDS of jellyfish right beneath his feet.

Dave, a 37-year-old lorry driver from St Cleer, Cornwall, said he was surfing at Great Western Beach near Newquay, Cornwall, when he made the discovery.

He said: “I was paddling out as you do and because of the light reflection they weren’t that visible to begin with, but you could feel them with your hands.

“With closer inspection you could see one or two, then it became how apparent how many there were.

“When I played the GoPro back I was still shocked at how many there were, there were thousands – loads of em.

“I didn’t get stung, but I’m told they give a very mild sting – they are moon jellyfish, but I wouldn’t want to feel it.”


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