Video: Naked jogger tasered by police


A naked runner got a nasty shock while jogging – after he was tasered by police.

Naked runner tasered by police

Anthony King, 18, was spotted by a patrol car yesterday morning running on a pavement, strangely only wearing a pair of goggles.

The police followed the 18-year-old, appealing for him to stop, but the naked runner ignored officers and continued his morning jog.

At this point, an angry officer jumps out of the patrol vehicle and chases King before firing the taser at the teen’s head and back – with the naked runner instantly hitting the deck.

King was taken to hospital but only suffered minor scrapes from the fall.

Commander Steve Wilkinson, a spokesman for the West Melbourne Police Department in Florida said: “He was jogging buck-naked and didn’t even have on shoes.

“It was 7am – people were taking their kids to school.

“We suspect he was under the influence.”

The youngster, who was very apologetic after the incident, allegedly told officers he was a superhero. He faces charges for exposing his sexual organs and resisting arrest.



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