Video captures shopkeeper shooting knifeman


This terrifying footage shows the moment a courageous shopkeeper shoots a crazed knifeman after being attacked.

CCTV footage from the shop in Turkey shows a man in orange coolly walking into the shop on Monday night and slicing the throat of a customer.

The man in orange, who has been identified as Kadri A, then walks round the till and waves his knife at Osman Tuter in a frenzied attack.

A brave customer runs to Tuter’s aid and attempts to wrestle the knife off Kadri who turns the weapon on him – at which point Tuter, who has blood gaping from his head, pulls a gun from under his table and shoots the attacker.

Tuter then struggles outside the store to call police on his mobile phone with clear stab wounds on his stomach.

It’s believed restaurant owner Kadri attacked Tuter following a series of disagreements between the pair on the seaside resort of Kemer. The attacker is in hospital with stomach injuries and faces charges of attempted murder. The condition of the man who had his throat cut is unknown.

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Warning: Video contains violent scenes



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