Video: BMW driver crashes into house after she pushes the car when it’s still in gear


This is the embarrassing moment a BMW driver manages to crash her car after trying to push it out the snow – while leaving it in gear.

Damien Ramsey has

The woman attempts to clear the ice from underneath her front wheels – not realising it’s the rear wheels which drive the 1 Series.

Getting more and more frustrated, the lady decides to stick her automatic BMW in ‘drive’ and get out and push it herself, hoping to jump back into the moving vehicle and head off on her delayed journey.

But she fails to straighten up the car’s wheels and as the BMW picks up momentum it veers off – crashing into a neighbour’s house.

Almost 200,000 people have viewed the unfortunate clip since it was uploaded on Saturday, but it’s been met with mixed reception.

Many viewers have laughed at the woman for her embarrassing motoring mishap, but the youngster who videoed the clip has also been criticised for not offering to help the lady and continuing to film while she’s having difficulties.

BMW owners have come in for stinging criticism on the motoring forum Pistonheads with a number of readers submitting images of cars made by the German company fitted with snow chains – on the front wheels.


  1. Who’s the idiot?? I think the one that filmed it, they could have at least warned her, or even better helped her! Lets hope you never need help in the future!

  2. Idiots to film it, just goes to show how much respect people have for each other these days. A man’s voice too, typical of the times we live in.

  3. If you are stupid enough to leave your car in gear and get out to push you deserve everything you get.there could have been kids walking in front of the car.She should have her license shredded.

  4. I’m not surprised that the “boy” filming this would not offer to help. Just as I’m sickened at the gas station watching woman pumping gas while the “boyfriend and or husband” sits there lazy ass in the warm car. I”m 50 years old and just wonder where all the real MEN have gone.

  5. well that was bloody tedious.the lad filming is only guilty of TOTAL BOREDOM to film that crap. that woman was clearly thick, couldnt she see the rear wheels of her car spinning? gormless monkey.

  6. @Mar05flhr
    Well, I know you wanna be a hero and all but, a task like pumping gas should even woman do these days. With equality between the sexes and all that good stuff.

    The gentlemen is dead. And women killed it.


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