Vauxhall Frontera found near Snowdon summit – AGAIN


Police launched an investigation today after this 4×4 vehicle was found near the summit of Snowdon — for the SECOND time.

Vauxhall Frontera found near Snowdon summit - AGAIN

The distinctive red Vauxhall Frontera was seized by cops and mountain officials near to the visitors centre – one month since it was found at another spot on the peak.

After the first incident, Craig Williams, 39, from Cheltenham, Glos., was charged with dangerous driving.

National park officials condemned the latest mountain vehicle run as ”irresponsible”. No one has yet been arrested.

The vehicle was discovered abandoned close to the Snowdon Mountain Railway line. The railway line will be used to bring the car back down the mountain.

Alan Kendall, general manager of the railway, said: ”After we found the vehicle this morning, we checked the point mechanism on the line to ensure that no damage had been caused overnight.

Vauxhall Frontera found near Snowdon summit - AGAIN

”Our trains are running.

”We have a very busy weekend ahead of us and this vehicle will not be moved until next week at the earliest.

”To move the vehicle sooner would mean suspending trains and spoiling visitors’ plans. We won’t be doing that.”

North Wales Police said a vehicle was parked near the summit building and inquiries were underway.

Snowdonia National Park Authority officials are also investigating.

Vauxhall Frontera found near Snowdon summit - AGAIN

Authority chief executive Aneurin Phillips said: ”This irresponsible behaviour is totally unacceptable and I urge the police to prosecute the offender and impound and dispose of the vehicle.”

The same 4×4 – with matching number plate – was found abandoned on September 3, 365m below the summit.

It was eventually taken down by the mountain railway on a trailer.


    • Why? Because it’s there! Why not?
      You must be very dull not to see the fun in driving up Snowdon! (and learn to spell ‘waste’ and ‘you’)

  1. This is a great story and  whilst I don’t condone it it made me and the whole of my office smile.  Since I suspect this will be the same for thousands of people for £25 of petrol that’s great value.  I am sorry that others don’t see it.

  2. I think this is a great advert for the vehicle. Also says something about the skill of the driver, as it couldn’t be simply driven down by constabulary. Somehow I doubt it was taken up by railway.

  3. Alternatively, what a wonderful advertisement for the Welsh tourist board “we won’t take it down until at least a week (so come see it now!)”, I smell something fishy here and it ain’t feckin’ kippers.


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