Vaping scene on the rise as e-cig culture booms

The vaping scene is booming
The vaping scene is booming

You may have heard about electronic cigarettes and more often than not the controversy that surrounds them, but are you aware of the underground vape culture that’s bubbling under the surface? Made up of those who simply love to vape, this new trend has led to the introduction of the vape scene.

As this infographic by Cloudstix details, the vaping culture and the weird and wonderful facts surrounding it are going from strength to strength.

With vape meet ups replacing traditional nights out, vapers are now meeting up to share their favourite e-liquids, compare models and compete when it comes to creating vaping clouds. It’s even led to vapers having their very own festivals to attend, with Vape Jam UK and Vapefest UK being two of the most popular in the UK.

Mixing up the social agenda vapers are here to stay, so whether you’re into vaping or not, this growing scene is one which is attracting attention across the globe and is certainly worthy of its own fact file. Plus, it’ll always come in handy at your next pub quiz, after all did you know that the most expensive vape model is $3,000? Or that ‘The Elvis’ is the most unusual vape flavour?

The vaping scene is booming


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