Utilising DSE Online Training


For businesses who are looking to train staff in the correct use of their workstations, the advantages of DSE online training will outweigh those associated with classroom learning. Modern day working patterns mean that it can often be difficult to arrange for all staff to be present in the same location at the same time. In addition, booking venues and selecting a professional company to deliver the training can prove costly for many businesses.  However, with eLearning, all of these problems are removed; staff can study online at a time and place that suits them and businesses no longer need to arrange expensive classroom training sessions.

Enhanced Productivity

Individuals are always looking for opportunities to develop their skills. Online training allows employees to quickly get up to speed on new policies, procedures and systems. DSE online training will allow employees to adopt good practice from the outset. One of the major complaints from employees is that traditional training is time consuming and it requires lots of time spent away from the office. With a learning management system, employees can participate in their online learning at any time, so learning doesn’t have to impact on day to day workloads.


With eLearning there are no boundaries. One of the main advantages to eLearning is that employees have the capacity to participate in several online courses from anywhere that they have an internet connection. eLearning provides employees and management with greater flexibility to complete important training such as Display Screen Equipment.


With online learning employees will receive real-time feedback  on their progress. As online courses are all connected, the admin has insight into the course info, allowing them to see progress and offer help if needed. The ability to see real-time progress allows for a greater experience for both the employer and the employee and allows a better understanding of the course being taken.

If you want staff to possess a certain amount of knowledge about what they have been learning, you can easily include a quiz or end of course assessment, so you can see how much they have absorbed.

Easy Access to Information

Online education makes learning more fun. Rather than sitting in a classroom following a dull PowerPoint presentation on the importance of good practice when using DSE, dedicated DSE online training can help employees retain information and better understand what they have learned. Furthermore, it can be difficult to access the training materials once you have left the training with a conventional course, but with eLearning staff can revisit the material at any time.

There are multiple advantages of online learning but above all, eLearning helps companies develop and deliver higher quality training experiences for employees at a reduced cost.


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