Humanoid Robots ‘Mobot’ and ‘Usain Volt’, from Plymouth University, pictured at the FIRA Roboworld Cup, At-Bristol, Bristol. 22 August 2012. This is the incredible moment the trademark poses of Olympians Usain Bolt and Mo Farrah were copied — by robot athletes in search of their own gold. Usain Volt and Mobot the Robot are among the dozens of competitors from all over the world taking part in the Federation of International Robotics Association ‘Olympics,’ yesterday (Weds). The posing pair are part of a team from Plymouth University, who have robots competing in football, penalty shootout, sprint and marathon events. Sprinter Usain Volt will be defending his title as world champion in the 3 metre sprint, where the robot competitors have to follow a twisting line as fast as possible. Unlike Bolt, who has size 13 feet, puny Volt wears size 3k children’s Adidas trainers. Like his namesake, Mobot the Robot takes part in long distance events, and will be running the 84 metre robot marathon on Saturday. The marathon will truly test the smiling robot to his limit – the outdoor course includes inclines, twists and turns. Plymouth University will be hoping Volt and Mobot will retain their world championships. See swns story SWMOBOT 22 Aug 2012.

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