Urban fox poses for a series of photographs… then nibbles security guard’s SHOES

The fox smiles for a picture

A security guard was stunned when this brazen urban fox posed for a series of photographs – and began nibbling his SHOES.

Robert Mcelhill, 26, was patrolling a building site when the wild animal began following him around and biting his boots.

He then took out his camera and the fox appeared to “pose” for a number of pictures.

The friendly fox nibbles on the security guard's shoes
The friendly fox nibbles on the security guard’s shoes

Mr Mcelhill said the animal followed him and two colleagues around for nearly three hours and the footage proves just how brave urban foxes have become.

The men were on night patrol on a building site in Balham, south London, when the nocturnal creature appeared.

Mr Mcelhill said: “I was on my phone texting when the fox just appeared and starting biting the end of my boot.


The fox smiles for a picture
The fox smiles for a picture



The fox smiles for a picture
The fox smiles for a picture


“Normally they are quite timid but this one didn’t seem shy at all – we were completely amazed.

“It was quite something. You just don’t expect it whatsoever – the whole thing was just so funny.”

The men immediately grabbed their phones in order to capture a shot and were left astounded after the fox appeared to pose for the camera.

Mr Mcelhill, from Shepherds Bush, London, added: “It was extraordinary really, it didn’t care at all when we got the camera out.

“It was far from camera shy – in fact it almost looks like it is posing for the camera.

“At first it was a little blinded by the flash but that didn’t stop it following us around.”



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