Unwanted dog with bright orange eyes has spent SEVEN years in rescue home


A dog named Bagheera after the Jungle Book panther thanks to her ORANGE EYES is looking for her first home after spending seven years in kennels.

Bagheera is a black collie cross who first went to a rescue centre in Italy as a six-month old puppy.

No one wanted to take the unfortunate animal – with many put off by her freaky orange eyes.

Bagheera the collie cross rescue dog who can't find a home because of his bright orange eyes
Bagheera the collie cross rescue dog who can’t find a home because of his bright orange eyes

So Teckels, a rescue centre in Gloucester, helped bring her over to England last year in the hope someone would give her a ‘forever home’.

But the combination of difficult behaviour, a lack of training and the black and orange colouring is putting Brits off the unlucky eight-year-old too.

The rescue centre is now appealing for someone without children or any other pets to come forward and adopt Bagheera.

Alice Breaks, a senior kennel technician at Teckels, said: “I love her, she is lovely looking and her eyes are this amazing orange colour.

“I have never come across a dog with eyes like hers before.

“Bagheera is quite nervous and we are struggling to find her a home. She needs to go to a quiet, adult-only home which is ideally in a rural setting.

“She has been in a rescue home since the age of six-months but she is now becoming more friendly.

“She will always have certain issues but I have taught her some English and she will sit and give her a paw when she feels comfortable.

“We think she is a Collie crossed with a Belgian Shepherd. Hopefully someone with experience will come forward and give her a home.”


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