Unlimited calls home offered to British travellers and expats


British travellers and expats faced with sky-high bills when ringing home are being offered free calls, texts – and their own virtual UK number.

Holidaymakers can be hit with huge charges of up to £2 just to receive text messages from the UK when they travel overseas.

The high prices of connecting to the internet and making calls home mean many tourists simply turn off their mobile phones.

Using a phone while overseas can be expensive
Using a phone while overseas can be expensive

But an app launched by ESJ Software will give users their own UK digital number – and allow free messages and calls by a wifi connection.

The app, called SiP4MOBiLES, also offers users unlimited calls to UK mobile and landline telephone numbers from any country.

ESJ Software’s CEO Jeff Penberton said: ‘Using SiP4MOBiLES, British Expats and International Travellers can remain connected with family and friends in the UK through the Plain Old Telephone …. Nan, Dad and Mum can easily get in touch for a chat without calling international and running up their phone bill – since SiP4MOBiLES makes calling you a standard UK mobile call.’

The SiP4MOBiLES App can easily be installed on any android 4.x or iOS 4+ device (smartphones and tablets). SiP4MOBiLES can also be used through a PC or Laptop by logging in online.


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