Meet the ultimate saleswoman, who has sold TEN Bugatti Veyrons worth over £12m… in just one year


A saleswoman was today dubbed the ultimate supercar dealer after she shifted ten Bugatti Veyrons – worth almost £12million – in just one year.

Most sales executives dealing in Bugatti Veyrons around the world are lucky to sell three of the 253mph machines in a year.

But London-based Anita Krizsan has the midas touch – selling nine Bugatti Veyrons in the past 12 months at the prestigious Mayfair dealership Jack Barclay.

Supercar super saleswoman Anita Krizsan, who has sold nine Bugatti Veyrons in one year
Supercar super saleswoman Anita Krizsan, who has sold nine Bugatti Veyrons in one year

Anita took her tally into double-figures today as she negotiated the sale of a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport on the market for £1.7 million.

Deep-pocketed clients have spent in almost £12million over the 12 months getting their hands on more than 10,000bhp from Anita.

The Hungary-born sales extraordinaire’s outstanding efforts resulted in the boss of Bugatti sending a special Christmas card telling her she was their “global benchmark” in sales.

Anita operates 24-hours a day dealing with VIP customers around the world and will meet the customers in their home countries when the car keys are handed over.

But modest Anita, 38, admitted she doesn’t spend her spare time behind the wheel of a 253mph supercar, instead driving a diesel Volkswagen Golf.

The brunette puts her ability to sell million-pound supercars down to being in the right location and working with a great team.

She said: “It is a combination of being in the centre of London in a great showroom and having a great team to work with. And hard work.

“It is also about asking the right questions and understanding what customers want. They don’t have much time to speak so I have to use it as best as I can.

The supercar showroom of the prestigious Mayfair dealership Jack Barclay, where Anita works
The supercar showroom of the prestigious Mayfair dealership Jack Barclay, where Anita works

“I don’t drive a Bugatti unfortunately, I have a diesel Volkswagen Golf which I love. It is very understated and suits my lifestyle.

“There is so much about the Bugatti with its history and heritage. One clients become a Bugatti customer, they stay a Bugatti customer.

“It is the supercar to have and once clients drive it they look at the rest of their cars differently. They are a work of art. We have a few customers who have more than one car.”

Anita, who moved to the UK in 2000, has had a lifelong interest in cars and inevitably found herself in the industry.

She added: “I always liked cars and bikes and an opportunity came up and I took it. I don’t think I will ever leave.”

Derek Bennett, general boss of the H.R Owen-run Jack Barclay dealership, added: “Anita understands the customers and puts them at ease.”

Antia told Auto Express: “We tend to have two types of customer; collectors and investors.

“I like to start by talking to them about what cars they already have and their general interest. I’m trying to find the car that matches their personalities.

“Every customer is invited to the Molsheim factory in France. I like them to feel the history and culture of the car and the story behind it.

“While we’re at the factory they can go for a test drive with Pierre-Henri Raphanel, who will tell them about the car and talk them through it.”

Most of Anita’s clients are from the Middle-East and Russia which can make communication between both parties difficult at times.

This means she will often be called in the early hours of the morning by customers with queries, but is more than happy to speak to them around the clock.

Anita moved to the UK 13-years ago where she started work as an administrator for Honda in Newbury, Berkshire.

But her skill at sealing a deal quickly saw her move from Japanese hatchbacks to European sports cars before joining Jack Barclay in 2011 to sell Bentleys.

However, she was quickly moved from Bentleys at the Mayfair dealership to Bugattis, which she describes as a “piece of art”.

She added: “I always say there are two types of cars in this world. Bugattis and other cars.”

The Bugatti Veyron went on sale in 2006 with the Volkswagen-owned manufacturer announcing it would build just 300 of the models.

It was powered by an 8-litre W16 engine which developed 1,001bhp – giving it a 0-62mph time of 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 253mph.

This incredible performance made it the world’s fastest car, with Bugatti soon announcing a limited edition convertible ‘Grand Sport’ edition of the Veyron.

However, the Veyron lost its crown as the quickest ever production car in 2007 when the US-built SSC Ultimate Aero hit 255mph.

But Bugatti came back and in 2010 announced a ‘Super Sport’ edition of the Veyron which power increased to 1,200bhp.

The result was a hypercar which hit 268mph on Volkswagen’s test track in Germany.

Bugatti limited the production Super Sport’s top speed to 258mph and later launched a convertible edition named the Grand Sport Vitesse.


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