UK Manufacturer Copely publishes first ever infographic, detailing 8 fascinating latent innovations


Copely is pleased to announce the publication of its first ever infographic. Better Together, looks back at history’s most surprising late innovations; when someone’s lightbulb moment took and existing every day object to dizzy new heights. RHS Everflow® – the unstoppable garden hose, represents the first real solution to the headaches caused by kinks, twists and knots.

Most people are familiar with the phrase ‘the best thing since sliced bread’, but why is it used? Well, believe it or not, before bread was conveniently pre-sliced and offered as a packaged product in supermarkets, people spent several thousand years simply breaking bread at home. However, sliced bread isn’t the only holder of this embarrassing accolade, eight surprising historical lapses are uncovered in this enlightening infographic.

The initial idea for the infographic came from a discussion about surprising inventions, which led to more detailed online research. Amazingly, it was found that these concepts have never been grouped together before. Research was carried out by the marketing team at COBA, the parent company of Copely, which is also based in Leicestershire.

Steve Walton, Copely’s Operations Director says, “We feel passionately that the innovation of Evercore® technology is of the same significance as these game-changing inventions. We hope that by highlighting these little-known quirks of history, that we may persuade more users and retailers to make the switch to Everflow®.”

You can view the infographic on, where you will also find a handy embed code to share it directly on your website.



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