Amelia at Newacstle RVI after having her burn treated. Shannon Rutherford from Belford, Northumberland, 20 had to rush her three year old daughter Amelia Hibbitt to hospital after she burnt her right foot on Bamburgh beach. Doctors at Newcastle RVI suggest that the burn could have been caused by a chemical on the sand. See Ross Parry copy RPYBURNS : A two-year-old girl suffered serious burns to her foot after stepping on a suspected chemical at the beach. Little Amelia Hibbit was playing in the sand on a family trip to the beach when she dropped to the ground screaming in pain. She was rushed to hospital where she spent several days receiving treatment in the specialist burns unit at NewcastleÕs Royal Victoria Infirmary. The incident happened on a family trip to Bamburgh, Northumbria with her mum, Shannon Rutherford, brother Nathan Rutherford and mum Maria Gordon.

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