TV presenter accidentally says ‘c word’ on air


A red-faced local ITV presenter slipped up when he accidentally said ‘c*nts’ instead of ‘cuts’ – LIVE ON AIR.

TV presenter accidentally says 'c word' on air

Bumbling Steve Clamp, 34, quickly tried to cover up his blunder after the profanity went out live on ITV Central’s evening programme on Wednesday night.

Steve, known as ‘Mr Smooth’ to colleagues, was just seconds into introducing the show at 6pm when he mistakenly uttered the swear word.

Describing the effects of the budget on businesses across the Midlands, he said: ”We see how the c*nts effect us.”

Steve’s co-presenter Sameena Ali-Khan looked visibly shocked and the camera quickly cut to another reporter.

Meanwhile Steve corrected himself and said ‘cuts’.

An insider said: ”It was one of those things which happens from time to time.

”It was a very busy show concentrating on the budget and the effects it had on people and businesses in our region.

”Steve is usually very cool when presenting but for some reason he got his words mixed up.

”He recovered well and got on with the rest of the programme.”

The TV station blundered again when they let the swear word go out on their website and only realised the error 10 minutes after the show finished.

Steve is the latest of a string of broadcasters who have accidentally said the word ‘c*nt’ live on air.

BBC Today Programme presenter James Naughtie burst into hysterics when he accidentally said Jeremy c*nt instead of Hunt.

Jeremy Paxman also apologised when he said ‘c*nts’ instead of ‘cuts’ on Newsnight.



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