Turncoat Labour candidate branded Brown “Worse PM” suspended by the party


A turncoat Labour candidate who branded Gordon Brown ”the worst Prime Minister Britain has ever had” has been suspended by the party.

Manish Sood, who stood for the Labour Party in Norfolk North West, also branded Brown ”a disaster” just 48 hours before the General Election.

Sood, who claimed he was roasted by Peter Mandelson after his comments made hedlines around the world, now faces being booted out of the Labour Party.

On Tuesday Mr Sood, 38, who is also a Labour councillor in Leicester, received a letter from the party’s legal services team telling him he was suspended pending an inquiry.

If he is found to have broken any of the pary’s rules he could be permanently expelled from the party.

Yesterday (Thur) Mr Sood said: ”I’m stunned and I’m angry. What the party should have done was given me a safe seat so I could have had the chance to become part of a future government.

”I can only sit and wait for the investigation to be carried out. It’s unfair, though, because I was speaking the truth.”

He will remain as a member of the city council but will be independent until the investigation is concluded.

Coun Sood saw Labour’s share of the vote drop in Norfolk North West from

32.2 per cent to 13.3 per cent, and dropped from second place in 2005 to third place.

He did not attend the count for ”security reasons” but said he was pleased with his vote tally of 6,353.

David Collis, chair of North West Norfolk Constituency Labour Party, said:

”From now Mr Sood’s association with us has ceased.”


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