Tuesday’s news: Barack Obama streaking bet and the world’s most expensive Porsche


World’s most expensive Porsche sells for $4 million

This unique car has become the world’s most expensive Porsche after it was sold at auction – for a staggering $4 million.

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Offered: $1 million to streak past Barack Obama

An eccentric billionaire yesterday offered $1 million to the first person willing to streak in front of US President Barack Obama.

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Benefit scrounger “nothing more than a sperm donor”

A benefit scrounging dad-of-nine who trousers £30,000 a year in state handouts was today branded ”lazy” and ”nothing more than a sperm donor” – by his own DAUGHTER.

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Man stabbed in throat in quiet village

A man was fighting for his life today after he was stabbed in the throat in a quiet village.

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Pregnant and injured dog left in a river to drown

A pregnant and injured English Bull Terrier which had been used as ‘bait’ in dog fights was tossed into a river to drown.

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Satellite images show Russian bog fire devastation

Remarkable satellite images of huge smoke clouds billowing into the atmosphere show the devastating effect of the Russian bog fires which are threatening to choke the country.

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Mel Gibson crashes car into hillside

Hollywood actor and director Mel Gibson has avoided injury after crashing his Maserati into a rocky hillside.

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WPC-mauling dog shot after four hour stand-off

A dog which mauled a WPC in Plymouth, Devon, was shot with a dart gun normally used on LIONS after a four hour stand-off.

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BBC weatherman gives colleagues the finger – on AIR

A BBC weatherman was left red-faced after being caught sticking his middle finger up at his colleagues live on TV.

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Monday’s news: Benefit scrounger’s new home, a council cock-up and the curry pasty


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