Truths about owning a website: Did you know that your website has feelings?


WEBWe are all guilty of that buzzing feeling or butterflies roaming through our stomach when we launch a new product or a new website, unfortunately, the butterflies stop moving after a few days or weeks of over familiarity with the new product or website, we ultimately loose attraction, sight and reasons for why the butterflies were buzzing in the first place and the feelings are replaced with neglect and lack of interest.

Just like flowers need utmost care, water and photosynthesis to blossom each day, websites and apps also need adequate support everyday to keep your potential and new customers interested, but unlike neglected flowers, unsupported websites pose even greater risks to you and your customers.

Did you know that hackers and spammers are constantly scanning your websites for vulnerabilities to steal personal information or any useful information to defraud you or your customers?

Technologies change and improve everyday, a newly developed website could become outdated tomorrow with new innovations.

Your website is an essential marketing tool for your online presence, do not leave it outdated.

An outdated website poses high security risks and frustrates customers due to bad user experience.

Does your website feel abandoned?

Does your website already feel old within weeks or months of completion?

Your website needs all the help and support if you answered yes to the questions above.

Your drawback may be lack of time or technical skills to care for your website, don’t worry, Design Droids got you covered with free 3-day support. Sign up free today to stay connected and relevant with your customers.


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