Troubled teen Taylor Momsen dropped by modelling agency IMG


Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen has been dropped by her modelling agency IMG in a move that will spark concern for the teenage star.

Troubled teen Taylor Momsen dropped by modelling agency IMG

17-year-old Taylor, who is also the lead singer of rock band The Pretty Reckless, first signed with the agency, home to Liv Tyler and Julieanne Moore, at the tender age of 14. Her high profile modelling jobs have included gracing the cover of Teen Vogue and becoming the face of Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’ clothing range.

Although she has reached fashion icon status thanks to her Gossip Girl character Jenny’s outfits and her own off-screen gothic look, she has stirred up controversy thanks to her increasingly wild behaviour and sexually precocious image.

Earlier this year she flashed her breasts at the audience during a Pretty Reckless gig in Los Angeles, and has courted media attention by dressing in provocative outfits, stripping in her music videos and telling one reporter that “my best friend is my dildo”.

Just last month it was reported that her Gossip Girl character would be given a smaller role thanks to Taylor’s increasingly erratic off-screen behaviour.

Now news of her departure from IMG will cause many to speculate over whether it was a mutual decision or if her wild ways caused the company to drop her.


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