Collect photo of James Payne taken during his tour of Creative Assembly . See swns story SWGAME. A 24-year-old man who lost a battle with liver cancer has been immortalised – in his favourite COMPUTER GAME. Avid gamer James Payne, from Manchester, sadly died earlier this year, but the makers of his favourite game, Total War: Rome, have made a tribute to the lad by including his likeness in their latest game. James was taken on a tour of Sussex-based studio Creative Assembly, who took a picture of him and turned him into a Roman Legionnaire commander in their newest game, which is set to hit the shelves in October. Charity the Willow Foundation organised for James and his brother Stuart to take a tour of the studio, which took place the day after Rome II was announced, meaning that he was the first person outside the development team to play the PC game. During this visit to studio one of the games character developers suggested that he could put James into the game in some way in his spare time and took a reference photo and measurements of James and has now immortalised him as a Roman centurion.

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