Tradesman Insurance: How Will My New Employee Affect My Insurance?


When hiring a new employee, it’s crucial that you take the necessary steps to update your insurance plan as well as contact HMRC to register the new employee. An additional employee may mean that your annual insurance premiums suffer an increase; however, this is only natural considering that there’s one more person and one more risk to consider.

In this guide, we will be answering your common questions surrounding new employee insurance and the steps you need to take to ensure you’re on the correct side of the legal fence.

Have you considered employer’s liability insurance?

Whether you’re adding a new employee to your workforce or hiring for the first time, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement for tradesman setting up or adjusting their business plan. Employer liability insurance can be bought as a package alongside public liability insurance and will add additional costs to your yearly policy.

When we consider the expense of this type of insurance, it’s a small price to pay in the face of your employee’s health and safety and any potential claims made against your business.

Your employer liability insurance will protect you from any claims made against you or your business by an employee in the event of injury or illness related to their work. This type of insurance cover is a legal requirement in the UK and must be abided by; otherwise, employers can open themselves up to prosecution as well as hefty insurance bills for their employees.

Always consider the facts of your industry when choosing an insurance policy for your business. Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive show that, across 2017/18 there have been 144 workplace deaths in the UK, with 38 of these coming in the construction industry and a further 15 deaths occurring in the manufacturing trade.

As 86 of these fatalities were across the age demographic of 16-59, it can be seen that, whatever your age or experience, construction sites and trade jobs can still be dangerous despite advances in health and safety guidance.

Where can I find the best employee insurance policies?

You are probably well aware of the many insurance comparison sites that are available on the market, and it can often be difficult to decide on the best compare site to use before you even get to the insurance cover part.

Be Wiser Business Insurance offers no obligation insurance quote comparison for tradesmen looking to acquire or update their insurance for themselves, their business and employees, as well as product, tools and equipment.

Adding a new employee to your insurance policy doesn’t need to be a difficult process. Hiring a new employee can be expensive when you consider the recruitment process as well as the training and health and safety guidance that are all involved.

Many of these expenses are unavoidable, and that’s the reality of the situation when considering employer’s liability insurance. Don’t look past Be Wiser when looking for the best insurance cover for tradesmen in the UK; you can call this broker on 0333 999 0802.


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