For muck’s sake: Tractor covers country pub in ten tonnes of manure


Drinkers kicked up a stink today when a tractor careered off the road and covered their boozer – in MANURE.

Punters were stunned when ten tonnes of muck spilled onto the front of the Hoops Inn at Bideford, Devon, yesterday lunchtime, covering the front and part of the thatched roof.

Owner of the country pub Dee Goodwin said: ”I thought the world was coming to an end because of the noise it made.

”Everything is under manure. It is steaming. If I didn’t laugh I would be crying.

”The driver banged his head but he didn’t want an ambulance. I gave him a hot cup of tea.”

It is not known what caused the accident on the A39 but the icy weather conditions are thought to be a factor.

Mr Goodwin said: ”I think the tractor was going a bit too fast and was overloaded with too much manure.

”It is funny but in all seriousness if anyone had been outside they could have been killed.”

Willis Farm Limited, who own the tractor, have now cleared up all the manure.

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