The top FIVE ways to save water

A dripping tap can waste up to two litres of water per hour
A dripping tap can waste up to two litres of water per hour

In these eco-conscious and budget-busting times, saving water should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

While most of us are conscious of the impact that turning light switches off and installing efficient boilers and insulation in the home can have, not so many of us are as aware that millions of litres of water are being wasted unnecessarily.

Did you know for example that a dripping tap isn’t just annoying; it also wastes up to one litre of water per hour. The European Environment Agency calculates that over a week, that’s enough to fill a bath to the brim!

A dripping tap can waste up to two litres of water per hour
A dripping tap can waste up to two litres of water per hour

If you’re guilty of leaving the tap dripping, or of leaving the water running while you brush your teeth, you could be wasting a lot more water than you think. Whether it is making repairs you didn’t know you needed to make, or simply taking precautions to ensure less water wastage occurs in your home, why not try these top tips from bathrooms experts Bella Bathrooms to save water in the bathroom today?

1. The basic tips are often the most effective. Don’t let the water run continuously whilst shaving, brushing your teeth or shaving. Faucets consume between 3 and 5 gallons of water for every minute they are turned on; shut them off for a few vital seconds and save plenty of water.

2. Try and obtain some add-ons to cut down on your water usage. Showerheads should use less than 3 gallons of water per minute; low-flow showerheads are available to cut down on the amount of water used, and many modern shower units come with a range of different pressure and water usage options so that there is no excuse for being frivolous with water. Toilet flappers and faucet aerators are also incredibly useful to have installed.

3. Try to limit shower time, if possible. Reducing your showers by one minute every time can save up to 1,000 gallons of water per year! Conventional baths use around 40 gallons of water, so it is also advised to try and cut down on super-full baths. Fill the tub half-way, and don’t bother letting the water run hot before you put the plug in. Any initial splashes of cold water can be warmed later once the water has warmed up.

4. Don’t use the toilet as make-shift bin! Girlfriends, wives, sisters and female housemates are renowned for flushing away their make-up wipes and other bits of tissue they use as part of their beauty regimes; place a proper bin next to the toilet to prevent unnecessary flushing.

5. Men don’t escape unscathed in this cut-down; they get to fix the leaks. Little leaks in the bathroom can up to huge amounts over the course of a week, month or year. A drippy tap or a toilet leak invisible on the outside might seem harmless, but drips or leaks of two tablespoons per minute can result in over 5,000 wasted gallons every year.

With water and energy bills constantly rising, the slightest changes can make a great difference. Whether you choose to keep your showers under five minutes or kit your bathroom out with the latest water-saving devices, you will reap the rewards of savvy water saving when the bill drops onto the doormat.



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