Top tips for hosting a business event

Everything runs smoothly at a well organised business conference

When it comes to hosting a business event the ideal is that everything will go smoothly. You don’t want to keep guests waiting or be running around putting on any finishing touches at the last minute, you want to be dressed to impress, standing and waiting as people arrive to greet them to your office or venue.

Whatever the reason for your event, whether it is to gain new customers or to offer an information packed seminar about something happening in your industry, you need to plan accordingly. We’ve got some great tips for when it comes to putting a successful business event together that will be remembered by clients and thought leaders for the industry for years to come.


Thinking logistically first, call in the professionals to save you time and effort in transporting equipment. You can find some great companies online; take a look at to kick-start your search. They even offer same day delivery, just in case you’ve forgotten to dash out for it.

Everything runs smoothly at a well organised business conference
Everything runs smoothly at a well organised business conference

Account for everything as extra chairs, business cards, glasses or even bottles of wine can make or break a business event. Don’t leave guests hungry either, especially if it’s an evening event and consider tastefully decorating the venue in a theme that fits the occasion.

Give a good impression

If you’re looking to promote your company and entice people to sign up for your services or buy your product then your company logo and well dressed staff need to make an impact as guests arrive. It doesn’t matter what purpose your event is aiming for, these things must always be prominent.

Invest in plaques and signs featuring your logo and even a wall decal for the office. Branded balloons are also a nice touch. Slap your logo all over your slide presentation and on hand-out sheets. Have your staff wear nametags featuring, you’ve guessed it, the company logo.

A business event is the perfect time to put yourself out there and make people remember you. Of course, they know who you are otherwise they would not have attended the event but it’s important that you make your brand or company appear bigger than it might actually be for your event to make an impact and impression.

Decide on a time

Do you want your event to take place in working hours, which might prove difficult for people to get to or in the evening, which could prove troublesome if people are attending from far away when it comes to travelling home? Whatever you decide someone is going to grumble, so pick a time that suits you and your company and simply doesn’t clash too much with too many people.

A late afternoon/evening event shouldn’t impact too greatly on those attending and gives you plenty of time in the morning to prepare.

Keep in contact

The idea of a business event is to network and connect with potential customers and members of your industry, so it is of great importance that you have a way of gathering contact information and then making good use of this afterwards.

Send out a recap of the event with all your businesses’ contact information easily displayed, as well as a short survey so you can get an idea of how the event went.

Add these new contacts to your email-marketing list for future correspondence. With all these tips in place, your event should be a fantastic success – whether you are a growing business or a larger enterprise – it’s important that you accommodate your guests’ needs and consider how your event could impact on the future of your business. Good luck!


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