Top 6 Tips To Follow When Buying Coloured Diamonds


As soon as you make the choice to buy a diamond, you must make it a point to study the basics of jewelry so that you will not commit any mistakes when shopping for one. When it comes to buying coloured diamonds, you will essentially have to learn another subject. There are a lot of significant differences between white and coloured diamonds.

Here are some important tips you should consider when buying coloured diamonds:

Determine Your Budget

Start by considering how much you are willing to spend on your jewelry collection. Coloured diamonds are a lot more affordable despite being luxurious. The more unique the diamond’s colours are, the higher the price range. It is better to know your diamond’s price range so you can prepare how much you will spend and will narrow your search greatly.

Choose Your Colour

Coloured diamonds vary from 12 unique colours, 90 secondary shades, 10 levels of intensity, and over 250 colour combinations. Because of these, common colours including champagne and yellow are less expensive than others. Rare colours such as blue and pink diamonds are a lot harder to find so they are higher in price. Try and look at all the colours and pick which is the best one for you.

Look At The Characteristics

There are various characteristics a diamond may have which can directly affect its price. Some aspects affect it more than others. It all depends on you the buyer and which characteristics you want in your diamond. Some may like a more colourful stone and others prefer splurging on size. When it comes to jewelry, it is far more practical to spend on a diamond’s size than its colour.

Every diamond is unique and has to be examined on its own. Jewelry enthusiasts must choose which feature of a diamond is more important to them. Do they want a simple colourful diamond watch or a set of big diamond earring?

Understand The Cut

When going shopping for a coloured diamond, look for stones with a nice symmetry and polish. “Very Good” and “Excellent” cut diamonds are available in the market but are not easy to find and will be more expensive. Consider “Good” diamonds because they are cut for the sole reason that it showcases the stone’s colour brightly. However, you will need to automatically reject diamonds that are “Fair” or “Poor”. White diamonds are usually cut with a brilliant-cut while coloured diamonds are modified-cut to bring out their colour more.

Appraise The Depth

A good measurement of a diamond should be at 61% to 66% depth. These diamonds will appear bigger than their actual size. Stones with a depth of over 70% will appear a lot smaller than they truly are. Diamonds with a depth less than 60% are preferred because you will have a diamond which appears a lot bigger for a smaller price tag. So if you are an artistic person but want to save on your funds, this is definitely for you.

Find A Trusted Seller

This tip is the most important of all when you are purchasing your coloured diamonds. The diamond market is vast so the last thing you would want is to be taken advantage of and get fooled. Ask around for advices, check out store reviews and forums, and consult an expert. After all, you will be the one choosing which stone you will take home but the jewelry shop from which you will buy your diamond will guide you in making the right decision.


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