Top 5 Side-Jobs to Make More Money

219 imgThere is no doubt that the world economy has been down recently. As a result, more and more people are looking for side-jobs in an attempt to make some extra money. Not only people who have full-time jobs but also college students and housewives are now in need of additional income. There is no surprise, as we need money every day to cover some important expenses, fund our purchases, or just to make our ends meet.
Of course, sometimes there is no time to wait. Thanks to Personal Money Service emergency loans can help people take care of vital needs and get the necessary funds. However, if you are hard-working enough, here is the list of great side-jobs where you can earn a few extra bucks and even have some fun.


This job has become extremely popular recently. Blogging is one of the best and enjoyable jobs that can help you earn a few extra bucks. Generally, you won’t earn a lot of money unless you are really prolific and productive as a writer. But it can generate you some decent money nonetheless.
There aren’t too many websites that offer great blogging jobs. Some of the most legitimate jobs can be found at or some other sites that you can search on the Internet. Start writing immediately after you’ve found a paid blogging job. It would be even more beneficial if you know the field well or love writing in general.

Baby Sitting and Pet Sitting

Let’s have a closer look at these two side-jobs at once because they are very similar. Any pet owner or parent will tell you that sometimes it’s difficult to take care of children or pets. Often people would be glad to pay somebody for having some time off and lay their burden off for a while. Such type of side-jobs is especially popular among teenagers and young people as it’s a part-time job that one can do in their free time or at the weekend. However, adults also may do this job as money is money no matter how you make it.
It’s a wonderful opportunity for stay-at-home moms or pet lovers. For instance, if you already have your own kid, why not take one or two more for several hours and earn some extra money? The same thing is true about pet sitting. If you are a real pet lover and have a few hours free, don’t waste a chance to get a few extra bucks for taking someone’s dog for a walk.

Yard Work

This type of work is a lucrative opportunity for young people as well as adults who have some spare time. Some people find weed-whacking, mowing lawns, or watering really challenging yard chores. Your targets are busy people, elderly, and lazy people. Some people mow one or two lawns every day for a few days a week and manage to live almost only on this side-job.
In any case, you can do an average yard in an hour or so. Many people pay around $15-$20 per lawn. You can even combine it with another job. Doing yard work for one hour a day five days a week can make you $400 or even more. More than that, rich neighborhoods with larger lawns usually pay a lot more.


Every person has something they can teach or needs to learn. Generally, it’s easy enough to find people who will pay you for tutoring. Tutoring doesn’t necessarily mean English, Math or other school subjects. People will also pay for personal art, music, and craft classes. This is a side-job that gives you the most freedom of choice among your skills and abilities that you can teach others and earn money for that.

Server or Bartender

Flexible hours are something that put service industry on top among others. It makes serving and bartending great side-jobs. Often you are able to find a working place where recruiter will allow you work in the mornings or in the evenings. But you will most likely end up working night shifts if you choose to bartend. However, the money is good. So, if you are available in the evenings or on weekends, don’t hesitate to try out this great opportunity and earn some extra money.


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