Top 5 digital trends you might want to look out for in 2018


As 2018 progresses, so does all the magic behind the technology landscape. Though you might have noticed, the behind the scenes have been developing rapidly in all fields from computer science to digital marketing. Business can no longer ignore the benefits they offer if they want to scale up and catch with the times. Instead, they should start considering the options and which field they want to invest in, here’s five of those trends that can no longer be ignored.


This should have been obvious, and you might have seen it going. Though one might argue that cryptocurrency is more than just a “trend”, it’s still going as strong as ever. As more and more people are getting into the crypto world, there are now more tools and platforms that help and their services. For example, Crypto Code is a recent crypto trading robot that offers algorithmic trading of crypto coins to grow your profits. Though it sounds like something out of science fiction, artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency can be an amazing combination.


With time, advertising is becoming more and more advanced as well. The new trend is digital advertising, which encompasses social media, optimizing for search engines, and more. What we might be looking at in the future is an era of programmatic advertising. According to eMarketer, 84% of the digital display ads in the US will be programmatic (automating the decision-making process of the ad) by 2019.

Providing value

This is another important trend that can be part of advertising but goes beyond that. If you want to go far as a business, you need to think about giving back something valuable. People are getting bored of the same old forced advertising and turn to ways to block them. As of now, 30% of internet users are already resorting to AdBlock. So, companies need to start thinking about ways to reach their consumers in a way that will benefit them. In return, their consumer will be loyal and more likely to return.

Voice search

We’re already seeing voice searches becoming more popular through Siri, Ok Google, and more. In today’s world, it’s possible to get an answer to any questions through a simple voice search query. Now, imagine what it will be like in the future. Convenience is the name of the game here and the more hands off our tech are – the better.


Personalization has always been a thing in marketing but now we’re seeing it in more fields as well. Personalized content means content tailor suited for you. And with better tech, companies can deliver a better experience specifically for each of their consumers. Business these days are already customizing their emails based on behavior, interests and more. So, it’s safe to say we’re going to be seeing that in more fields and not just email and ads.


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