Top 4 Attractions in Rome



If you intend to visit Rome in the near future for business or pleasure, you’ll want to spend some time exploring this beautiful city. There are many wonderful attractions to appreciate while visiting the Eternal City.

Instead of going on your vacation or business trip without a plan in place, you should choose what top attractions you’d like to visit ahead of time. By scheduling this in advance, you’ll be able to appreciate its beauties without having to worry about being pressed for time.

With that said, let’s take a look at the top attractions in Rome right now. Looking over this list will help you decide which ones you want to see the most and plan your trip accordingly.

1. Roman Forum

The center of city life in ancient Rome took place in the Roman forum. This location was the home of all of the funerals, rituals, celebrations, and festivals. In fact, the entire city grew around this grassy area which was just an empty marshland and nothing more until around the seventh century BC.

Around the eighth century, this particular area fell out of favor and it was completely ignored until the early 20th century when it was excavated. If you want to learn more about the early history of Rome and the Roman culture, you should visit the Roman Forum and take a guided tour.

According to Book Taxi Rome, a Rome airport transfers website, it’s easy to get a taxi or other form of transportation to the Roman Forum directly from the Rome airport.

2. Vatican City

Vatican City is another wonderful destination to visit when spending time in Rome. You’ll be enchanted by this amazing independent state. Not only do you have an opportunity to visit the Vatican, you may even get a glimpse of the pope and, if really lucky, you might even get an audience with him and the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

St. Peter’s Square is one of the outstanding sites to behold when visiting the Vatican City. It was designed in the late 17th century by Bernini. Then there’s the St. Peter’s Basilica where you can see Michelangelo’s Pieta, an astonishingly beautiful sculpture that captures sadness in a way you’ve surely never seen before.

That’s not all. You also have the opportunity to see the Sistine Chapel and the beautiful painted ceiling done by Michelangelo. And there’s the Vatican Museum that has many amazing Italian masterpieces for all to enjoy.

3. Trevi Fountain


People come from all over the world to visit the Trevi Fountain to throw three coins in it. And why is that you may ask? According to a legend, throwing one coin means you’ll return to Rome, a second coin leads to a new romance, and a third coin leads to marriage. But you also need to pay attention how you’ll throw those coins. Turning your back to the fountain, you need to throw the coin with your right hand over your left shoulder.

Don’t scratch this off the list if you’re not superstitious. Instead of throwing a coin, explore the amazing Baroque masterpiece. It depicts the God Neptune riding a chariot led by seahorses. The chariot is shell shaped and it’s truly one of the most astounding works of art.

4. Pantheon

This is the temple to the gods and it’s truly an amazing feat since it was constructed in 27 BC. Although fire damage required it to be rebuilt in the second century A.D.

The architecture of the pantheon is truly remarkable and many copycats have tried to replicate its design. The beautiful tall columns, impressive dome, and expensive interior make this an incredible sight to behold.


Please make time to visit these top four attractions the next time you come to Rome. You’ll undoubtedly be glad that you did.


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