Top 30 most annoying habits on the train… and playing music too loudly tops the list

Eight out of ten Britons admit they can be annoying on the train – by playing music too loud through headphones and leaving bags on seats.

Excessively loud conversations, noisy eating and constant coughing also emerged as the annoying habits driving passengers up the wall.

A shameless three in ten admitted they fall asleep and snore while a fifth regularly read other people’s newspapers over their shoulder.

The study of 2,000 rail travellers found people trying to get on while others are getting off, putting feet on seats and kids kicking the back of the chair are some of the most annoying habits experienced.

The research, commissioned by O2 Money to mark the launch of a new mobile train booking application called O2 Train Travel, saw one in four people confess they don’t have anywhere near the consideration for other passengers they should do.

James Le Brocq, spokesman for O2 Money said: ”Many of us travel on a train from time to time and see things that niggle us – it’s always worth a quick check to make sure you’re not the one doing something that would niggle someone else.

”Peace and quiet and personal space are of course things we all like and we can take offence when we don’t get those things, while someone not freeing up a seat or lacking consideration can be seen as rude.

”There are of course plenty of ways to ensure more comfort when travelling such as avoiding busy times, booking ahead and planning your journey.”

Also likely to test the patience were passengers munching on strong-smelling food, talking boastfully on their phone because they know others can hear and strangers falling asleep on your shoulder.

While regular coughing or constant clearing of the throat is likely to get people’s backs up, hogging the armrest, taking ages to put luggage in compartments and talking soppily on the phone to a partner are also big no-no’s.

One quarter of Brits admit they put bags on the seat next to them to deliberately stop people sitting there.

And unsurprisingly one in four people have experienced a telling off or cross glances from other passengers while on the train.

A risk-taking one fifth regularly take a gamble by sitting in a reserved seat until they’re told to move.

Passengers aren’t always as alert as they should be – one in five have taken phone calls and been chatting away loudly before realising they were in the quiet carriage, while the same number have fallen asleep and completely missed their stop.

A forth-right forty per cent of people would tell a fellow passenger if they were doing something that annoyed them, with the average person saying they would put up with sitting next to someone irritating for 17 minutes before finally telling them off.

The research report also revealed a change in train ticket buying habits -less than half of travellers purchase their tickets at a station and, 80 per cent choose to buy their train tickets in advance for planned trips.

Nearly two thirds of users avoid train booking services because they charge a booking fee.

James Le Brocq added: ”Our customers no longer just use their phones for making calls.  They see their mobile device as a digital equivalent of the swiss army knife, enabling them to do a host of activities on the go.

”O2 Train Travel allows people to plan journeys, check train times and buy rail tickets, all on the move and pay for it securely and easily using O2 Wallet.”

O2 Train Travel enables people to buy tickets for any mainland UK train route, completely free of booking and credit card fees.

With the new app, rail travellers will be able to plan the fastest route to any town or City across the UK, compare prices and purchase the cheapest tickets available, directly from their mobile.   Customers can save up to *80% on advanced fares, compared to buying on the day using the new app.

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MOST ANNOYING TRAIN HABITS (most annoying first)

1.      Playing music too loudly over headphones
2.      Smelling bad
3.      Drunken behaviour
4.      Talking loudly with friends/colleagues
5.      Kicking the back of your seat constantly
6.      People forcing themselves on, when others still getting off
7.      People standing over you/ breathing down your neck
8.      Parents not controlling kids, even when they’re grabbing at your face
9.      Putting feet on seats
10.     Eating food that smells strongly
11.     People playing ringtones/music through speakers
12.     People talking boastfully because they know others can hear
13.     People who don’t give up their seat for others who need it more
14.     People who just expect you to move and don’t say excuse me
15.     Coughing or constant clearing of the throat
16.     Putting bags on seats
17.     People falling asleep on you
18.     Noisy games consoles
19.     People snoring loudly
20.     Eating noisily
21.     People who say ‘I’m on the train’ again and again on the phone
22.     Noisy laptop, iPad or phone keypads
23.     Talking in the Quiet Zone
24.     People sneezing regularly
25.     Someone hogging the armrest
26.     Talking soppily to a partner
27.     Taking ages to put their luggage in the compartments whilst you wait behind                 them
28.     Couples getting amorous with each other
29.     Someone reading your paper/book
30.     Strangers who chat you up

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  1. margaret littlewood says:

    I was on the quiet coach a few weeks ago and it was noisier than the other coaches,the guard didn’t say anything to the two loud families so i was forced to move seats to another coach as i was trying to work,so annoying.

  2. diabetes says:

    Hi, Neat post. IE is a rubbish browser to view your website.

  3. madeinbritain says:

    people who put bags on seats next to them and don’t move them when the train is filling up are so selfish, they think they are so special they need to sit alone next to their divine bag. Also people who take ages before they sit down and people who talk loudly on their phones as if everyone wants to hear about their ‘exciting’ lives NO NO NO we DON’t!!!!!!! people who sit on the outer seat and then huff and puff when you need to get out. People who sit opposite you and STARE at you the entire journey, a complete invasion of my personal space i think. People who talk and are generally loud, especially trying to get peoples attention. i could go on forever……

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