Top 10 DIY quick fixes

Adding coving to walls and ceilings is a great DIY fix
Adding coving to walls and ceilings is a great DIY fix

We’re constantly looking for new ways to make changes, add value and refresh the decor within our homes.

There are few things that are as satisfying as pulling off a successful do-it-yourself project and here are ten of the best:

Re-invent your furniture

Furniture experiences a great deal of everyday wear and tear. Why not jazz up that old table you’ve had for 10 years with a funky new tablecloth or completely transform your wardrobe by painting it another colour and adding new door knobs?

Adding coving to walls and ceilings is a great DIY fix
Adding coving to walls and ceilings is a great DIY fix

Revamp your sofa

Replacing a sofa can cost several hundreds of pounds, at the least. If you’re simply tired of the way the sofa looks, invest in a good quality throw or some brand new cushions. You can even reupholster your seats with old curtains.

Replace your flooring

If your carpet is looking worn and tired, and you’re bored of the current decor, why not install a beautiful new wooden floor? This can significantly freshen up and modernise a room, and although it may cost more initially, wooden flooring lasts for decades, is easy to maintain and looks better with age. Visit for some inspiration.

Make your entrance inviting

It’s easy to overlook the front of your home, but there are a number of things you can do to leave a lasting impression on your guests including painting your door, introducing outdoor lighting and adding a welcome mat. According to Home Estate Agents, the outside of a home can make a big impact, especially the front door itself.

Freshen up the kitchen

Are your kitchen cupboards looking dingy? If your wooden units are still in good condition, why not paint them a different colour for a fresh new look? With just a tin of paint, your kitchen can look as good as new in just a couple of hours.

Update your bathroom

You don’t need to spend a fortune to transform your bathroom; some of the easiest and cheapest options can make a big impact such as changing door handles, light pulls and showerheads. Lighting can also make a huge difference.

Spruce up your garden

A lick of paint in the garden can go a long way. Make your garden stand out from the rest by painting your fence or shed a new colour. Retro or pastel colours look great. You can also paint plant pots and make changes to your garden furniture by brightening it up with patterned cushions.

Get organised with shelving and storage

No-one likes clutter and when that paperwork or pile of clothes just keeps growing, you know it’s time to increase storage space. Shelves and cupboards are great for keeping organised but there are also many other unique ideas like these from Buzz Feed.

Install coving

Adding coving to your home can give any room a finished look and it also adds a unique architectural feature, something newer homes often lack.

Wallpaper bookshelves

Liven up your office and give that old bookcase a makeover by adding a background.

Simply lay the bookcase on its back and apply wallpaper to the back of the shelves. This will instantly add character.


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