Toomey Leasing mark sponsorship deal with RAF Typhoon team with a new car for pilot

RAF Typhoon Display Team pilot Flt Lt Jonny Dowen
RAF Typhoon Display Team pilot Flt Lt Jonny Dowen
RAF Typhoon Display Team pilot Flt Lt Jonny Dowen
RAF Typhoon Display Team pilot Flt Lt Jonny Dowen

Toomey Leasing Group marked its deal to continue sponsoring the RAF Typhoon Display Team for the coming year by presenting a top pilot – with a brand new car.

The company, a leading independent vehicle fleet and leasing solutions provider in the UK, has sponsored the team of pilots for the previous three years and announced this month that they will continue their partnership.

They joined the RAF at an even in Coningsby, Lincolnshire, on March 24 where Directors Alex Butcher and Martin Wroe delivered a Citroën DS3 to the Typhoon pilot Jonny Dowen. This is in addition to the Landrover support vehicle given previously by Toomey Leasing to the Typhoon Display Team.

Alex, the Sales Director at the group, said: ‘Some partnerships in life we make for convenience. Supporting the RAF Typhoon Display Team is not one of those partnerships. Having the ability and opportunity to sponsor and support such a worthy cause enables us to really make a difference. Not only are we supporting the RAF Typhoon Display Team, we’re supporting our armed forces and our country.

‘Toomey Leasing has worked with the RAF for over three years now, and it has been truly inspirational to observe their skill and dedication. Being able to witness the piloting skills of Jonny Dowen first hand, along with his support team is an awe inspiring experience.’

The RAF Typhoon support team supports the objectives of the British Ministry of Defence (MoD), which helps to ensure the security and defence of the United Kingdom along with its overseas territories.

The team works to support the Government’s policy objectives including air policing and promoting international peace and security. Toomey Leasing Group believes that there is a fantastic synergy between the two organisations – this is why Toomey have continued to support the team year on year.

Alex added: ‘We have gotten to know the team in Lincolnshire quite well over the last three years, so securing a sponsorship deal for a further year is great news for Toomey. Seeing the Toomey branding on the side of the support vehicles makes us very proud and we hope to continue this partnership for many years to come.

‘The vehicle industry is a competitive market, yet Toomey’s unique approach to account management and their range of value- added services has resulted in a loyal and satisfied customer base.’

He said that 2014 was a great success for Toomey Leasing and now that 2015 is well underway, the company is expanding rapidly.


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