Toddler proves he is a true Cornish lad when tearful demands for midnight pasty go viral


This hilarious video shows a Cornish toddler embracing his heritage by waking up in the middle of the night screaming for – a PASTY.

Lando Winchester, two, was caught on camera by his gobsmacked mum Shaz Morton wailing for his favourite food.

Shaz, 26, explained that they didn’t have any steak pasties in the house – and even had to take him to the kitchen cupboards to prove it.

The video, which was posted on Facebook, has since gone viral and received thousands of views – turning little Lando into an internet celebrity.

Lando Winchester (SWNS Group)
Lando Winchester (SWNS Group)

Shaz, of Redruth, Cornwall, said: “I had put him to bed and he is normally a good sleeper.

“Sometimes he wakes up and asks for ‘more milk mummy’.

“But this time he was asking for a pasty.

“I said we didn’t have any – I had to show him there were no pasties in the cupboard.

“The thing is they were such genuine tears, I felt bad because I could not get him a pasty at midnight.

“We got him his favourite Cornish steak pasty on the way to nursery the next day.”

Despite being woken up in the middle of the night, Shaz said she was proud of Lando and described him as a “typical Cornish boy”.

She added: “I was not expecting it to get this much attention.

“I normally put videos of Lando online but this one just took off.

“I’m glad he has made everyone laugh.”


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