Alexander Vinson, 2, with his parents Raluca and Philip, photographed at Paultons Park, nr. Romsey, Hampshire. See SWNS story SWWEEK: A family have just a week to raise £125,000 after the NHS refused their son the same life-saving cancer treatment as Ashya King – because his rare tumour is “not on their list”. Doctors told Raluca and Phil Vinson that two-year-old Alexander would benefit from proton beam therapy (PBT) after he was diagnosed with a brain tumour in July. The radiation treatment accurately targets tumours and was successfully used to treat Ashya whose parents took him abroad after he was refused the treatment in the UK. Alexander was also denied funding for the procedure and earlier this month his parents started raising the £150,000 themselves in the US earlier this month. But the fast-growing cancer is not being halted by chemotherapy he is currently having and his parents hope to get him on the next appropriate trip to Oklahoma on November 23.

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