Tips When Leasing a Photocopier


A photocopier or a ‘copier’ as it’s sometimes more affectionately known is certainly more than just a copier these days. Today, our photocopiers are incredibly advanced and would normally fall under the abbreviation MFD (multi-function device) and this is because photocopiers of today do more than just…well, copy.

Scanning, printing, faxing – photocopiers are truly a catalyst in day to day workflow – and not having the right functionality that’s tailored to your business can be more than just a mere frustration, it can affect your bottom line.

If you’re currently looking at buying or renting a photocopier for your business, this article will give you some top tips as to know what kind of copier that you need. 

1.The printing volume

It is imperative that you have an idea of what volume that you’ll be copying, printing etc on a monthly basis – and there are machines that cater for all different levels of printing volumes. For example, you wouldn’t want to be running 5,000 pages to a machine that is spec’d out for say 50,000 pages per month as much as you wouldn’t want to be running 20,000 pages on a machine that’s spec’d out for 5,000 pages per month. Both of these can affect the performance and general life of the machine adversely. 

Assess how much you’re currently copying and printing, then target a machine recommended for that average monthly page volume (also known as AMPV). The general rule of thumb is that the right copier for you is right in the middle of a manufacturer’s recommended volume range.

2. Faster machines aren’t always better

In a world where we work in fast paced office environments you’d be forgiven for thinking that a faster machine can handle much more volume. However, there are many fast machines (I.E 45-55 pages per minute) that are designed to run under 10,000 pages per month. These are normally referred to as A4 machines as they don’t cater for 11” x 17” paper sizes. Although these machines are useful to some businesses – even if the machine is indeed faster, it maybe not be a right fit for you – don’t always go for the faster machine. Check out the Konica Minolta (my personal fave)

3. Leasing Terms

When entering into a long term lease agreement to fundamentally lower your monthly payment, do consider where the machine will be placed in your office.

In a dusty or dirty environment, I’d personally recommend a 39 month or 48 month term at the most. In those type of environments the machine will likely need more servicing after that period and there will be increased costs. Read the small print of your lease agreement to ascertain what the terms are and which best fit your business and budgets. I recommend to always go with a reputable company for photocopier leasing (personal referral is The CSL Group for expert advice and great customer service)

4. Solution Compatibility

As mentioned previously, todays copiers are a lot more than just copiers – and they can integrate with endless document workflow applications to improve your business processes. Do you need intelligent scanning, print governance, departmental cost tracking or any other solution integrated into your machine? Talk to your leasing company to ensure that the machine you’re about to lease is compatible going forward.