Tips for traveling cheap: What everyone should know


Traveling cheap around the world might seem impossible. But hey, you can do it without spending all your savings. You just need the right websites to take advantage of your trip, try to lower your expenses. Let’s see how to reduce your cost on your next trip. ¡Stay tuned and write down the following recommendations!


Traveling for free doesn’t necessary mean free transportation or even accommodation. It means taking the most of low prices online, on APPS or websites, in order to spend the less money. You may sacrifice comfort to make your travels longer. So if luxury traveling is not a priority for you, read carefully and make your dream come true.

Plan your trip

It is important to do a wide research about your next destination. It will be easier for you to find the cheapest restaurants, hotels, and transportation. You’ll know in advance about the expensive places which you might want to avoid.

So the best thing is to plan your trip and try to spend few days in expensive cities and more days in cheap ones. This is very important in case you have a tight budget. In this way, there won’t be any chances for you to have unexpected spends and you will have everything under control.

Travel in off-seasons

Try to avoid traveling during peak seasons. The difference in prices that you can find during low and peak seasons can be can be shocking. So be reasonable and avoid peak season flights. This will lead up to expensive accomodation and food. Avoid: Easter, Christmas, Eid, and Diwali. And don’t forget to check your next destination festivities, so you won’t get disappointed.

You may find cheap flights if you buy your tickets around three or four months in advance. Start checking it with time, don’t hurry, and you’ll see you’ll find a nice offer. You can also set an alarm on some web pages, which will let you know if there is a discount or a good price on a ticket to your dreamy destination.

Check out accommodation discounts 

Don’t pick the first hotel you find on the Internet. Booking is a thing you must to patiently. Check out different websites in order to find the best prices. Have in mind the location and the transportation. Sometimes is better to stay a bit further from the city center, as long as it has good connections. Don’t forget to read guest reviews, they will give you some clues to choose the best one according your priorities.

Take Free Walking Tours

You’ll find free walking tours in any city around the world, at least in most European cities.  There are also some in Asian cities, South and Central America, some States of the US Australia, and New Zealand. You just need to check out on the internet or ask your hostel for them. Just have in mind to tip them when it ends. They may be as you, traveling around the world trying to save some money a board.