Tips for Reducing Business Travel Fatigue


More than 1.3 million people travel for business every single day in the United States. While traveling for business can be exciting and fun, there are also many challenges. For example, if you frequently travel to different time zones, you know what it feels like to have jet lag. Feeling tired and having trouble sleeping are typical symptoms of a temporary disruption of your body clock.

Even if you are a seasoned traveler, it is highly likely that you will suffer from the unfortunate consequences of air travel. Businesses can sometimes reduce the necessity for some travel by relying on online meeting tools. However, there will still be many times when traveling to a client site or for a business meeting is required to achieve your business goals. So, what can you do to reduce the fatigue often associated with business travel?

Make Sure Your Technology Needs Are Met

If you are visiting a client site to deliver a business presentation, let your IT department know what you will need for it to go smoothly. Before booking your hotel, make sure they have in-room Wi-Fi so you can check your emails, practice your presentation, and keep up with any other work you need while away. Some hotels even have a business center with additional equipment such as printers and desktops.

Hire a Limo Service

There is no doubt that traveling to the airport can be stressful. Feeling stressed before your flight takes off is not a great way to start a business trip. Rather than driving yourself, renting a cab, or taking a bus, why not hire a limo service? To make things even easier, you can arrange to have a limo pick you up when you arrive. This prearrangement will alleviate the stress of flagging down a cab or a rideshare service at your new destination.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

When traveling, your body is already trying to adjust to a new place and possibly a new time zone, so you want to be prepared as possible when it comes to sleep. Some steps you can take to help ensure a better sleep while away from home:

  • Bring earplugs to block out excessive noise
  • Keep the temperature in your room between 60 and 67 degrees
  • Turn off all lights and close curtains

Not getting enough or quality sleep will make it difficult for you to concentrate and can affect your job performance.

Mix Business With Pleasure

While you’re in a new city, take some time for yourself to do things you enjoy. Try to block out time in your itinerary to explore interesting places. If your trip is on the shorter side, patronize some local restaurants to get a feel for the city.

Use your business trip to embrace some time away from your regular routine. While some aspects of travel may be a hassle, planning ahead can truly make a difference. Treat yourself to new experiences and enjoy this time out of the office. Even if you’re still working, at least you have a different view!


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