Tips For Air Travel


Whether you are a frequently flyer or just someone who hops on a plane once a year to escape to warmer climates, we have put together the best tips to make sure you have the best flight you can.

Dress for Travelling

Even if you are flying for a business event or wedding, you should consider the circumstances separately.  There is nothing worse than being stuck in an aeroplane seat for hours in really uncomfortable and formal clothes.  Even if you are not staying away for long there are plenty of smart ways to carry your formal clothes so you can change when you get there – even if you just have a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a hoody over your shirt and keep your suit trousers, jacket and tie in a case.  It is so much nicer to travel in comfort, and you can quickly change on arrival.

Keep Your Gadgets Charged

There is nothing more frustrating than finding you are going to be delayed and seeing the red battery icon on your phone.  Many airports do offer charging banks, but these can be oversubscribed and slow.  Extra batteries can be a lifeline if you are going to be away from charging points for too long, these small cells tend to utilise a standard USB charging lead that fits your device, and need to be charged before you leave.

If You Don’t Ask You Don’t Get

Sometimes there are free seats that haven’t been allocated, so as you board there is nothing wrong with politely asking the stewards if they can find you a window seat if that is what you would prefer.  It might not be possible but as long as you are nice and not demanding you will not upset the steward team by asking.

Plan Your Check-In

Many people make sure they arrive at the airport uber early, and there is nothing wrong with that in itself.  No one knows how traffic will be and the horrid sinking feeling that you may not make it when you are sat in a traffic jam is not fun.  However, once you are safely at the airport, you may not want to rush to check in.  Baggage is loaded in the order it arrives, and the first in ends up being the last off at the other end.  So, planning your check in to make sure your bags do not take an age to appear at baggage claim is always a savvy move.  Have a meal or a coffee to waste time before heading to the desk.

Know the Compensation Situation

Should the worst happen and you find yourself delayed, it is worth knowing what to expect and when you can claim compensation for a delay.  If you are delayed for more than two hours, there are specific rules that the airport staff should follow (on behalf of the airline you are flying with).  This can include food vouchers, accommodation and other concessions to make your life easier.  Longer delays on flights departing from EU countries are also entitled to claim compensation.


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