Tips and reasons to rent a luxury flats and apartments in Spain


Summer is coming, and maybe it’s time to start thinking about vacations or at least making a trip to some special place. There are many options to organize an unforgettable trip, but in any of them it is especially important to define the type of accommodation to spend those days. Surely you have thought of a hotel, but there are many advantages to rent luxury flats and enjoy a unique experience. You can check this link for more info if you’d like to find places to rent around Barcelona.

Spain is a rich and diversified country perfect for summer holidays that suits every kind of traveler. It is the second country with most UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and it is full of ancient Greco-Roman, medieval and muslim heritage.  Every visitor is amazed by the cheerful welcoming of Spanish people and their relaxed lifestyle, the wonderful beaches, the sun and the countless folk festivals such as San Fermines in Pamplona or la Feria de Abril in Seville. Either if you are looking for a family friendly destination, funny road trips, mountain hikes or endless nights of party, Spain is the place for you.

Luxury vacation rental is becoming a trend among travelers who come to Spain, so it is advisable to book your apartment or chalet in advance. If you dream of a modern luxury house with a pool while enjoying of the best landscapes and privacy, Villa Gran Canaria offers luxury villas and luxury apartments for vacations at the highest level in the Canary islands. Many of the villas for rent are modern houses with designer furniture and all details such as jacuzzi, sauna, gym, heated pools, and sea views.

4 reasons to rent luxury homes during holidays

Not everyone has the chance to live in a long-term luxury residence. However, it is possible to enjoy all the advantages of this type of life for a while. New experiences, taking a break from routine, and enjoying some time away from your usual environment creates a feel-good energy. This happiness extends beyond your holiday and leaves you feeling as if you can tackle life’s challenges with renewed vigor and a sense of empowered confidence. Luxury travel can take you out of your comfort zone and this in itself is confidence-building.

Privacy and rest

There is scientific evidence that taking a vacation can reduce depression levels and inspire wellbeing. A holiday away is not just a treat but actually a way to give your mind a real rest. Once you begin to see a vacation as part of leading a balanced life then it begins to make sense just how essential getaways are to your core happiness. Booking a luxury villa adds to this benefit by providing the perfect escape in an idyllic setting.

In general, luxury homes are located in privileged places, surrounded by nature and hidden from view by other people. This privacy, silence and tranquility is one of the main reasons for choosing to rent a luxury home for a holiday, especially when you are looking to completely disconnect from the routine.

Luxury and comfort

Luxury and comfort will be part of the experience from the beggining. Luxury homes have very large spaces, desig furniture and the latest technology at the service of people. Aesthetics and functionality come together to offer the best possible place to users. In addition, this type of houses tend to have unique spaces such as swimming pools, indoor pools, games rooms or even movie theaters, so it will not be necessary to leave the place at any time. Do not forget that quality in this type of places is taken care of down to the smallest detail, so living a magical experience will be more than likely. These are some advantages of renting luxury houses for holidays in Spain.


Renting a luxury holiday home can be cheaper than it seems. Since the houses available are often very big, they are perfect for a group vacation, so you can share expenses and pay the same money that you would pay in a regular suit at an hotel.

Life changing

A luxury vacation gives you time to relax and reflect in a totally different environment, and one that offers the ease and comfort of luxurious surroundings. This mental and physical space, with none of the anchors of your everyday existence can be liberating.  In a new place your mind is able to question ideas that you have always simply accepted, encouraging you to step outside the rut of habit-like thinking to see the world and yourself in a different light. Appreciating other cultures is a fantastic way to appreciate looking at things through different eyes.


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